Town Welcome Sign

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2019 at 6:51 PM
We welcome you to our friendly, little town! Thanks for stopping by!

When creating Greymont Bay, I really wanted a charming town sign and none of the signs included in any of the EPs fit, not even with an image override. So I meshed my own, using bits from the base game welcome sign and the library sign from Supernatural. I took care when doing presets that the presets for each town fit with the aesthetic of the world they belonged in.

  • Name: Town Welcome Sign
  • Price: 1200
  • Found in:
    • By Function: Decor > Statues
    • By Room: Outdoors > Lawn Ornaments
  • Channels: 4
  • Presets: 7 (different town overlays for each)
  • Polygon Counts:
    • High: 554
    • Low: 241

* For those that would like to edit the sign for any other worlds that don't have presets included, either EA or custom, I have also included the PSD file for the overlay (if you want it to match, of course). When finished, you will need to resize it and create a new preset using your overlay and a program such as TT3, but I figured I could at least help out with getting you started!
For the overlay, you will need the following 2 fonts by @Franzilla : Old Book Smell and Mortimer Square Solid
If you do create new presets for this sign, you may upload them, on the condition that you clone as a unique item to avoid conflicts and link back to the original for credit.