Froscati Plaza, Towncenter

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Froscati was a name I came up with because of the Italian look I decided on for this lot. It looks a lot like the town centers I have seen many of from Italy. Frog or Frosk becomes Froscati, yes I know I have an odd sense of humour

It's just been built to be a towncenter where toddlers can play while the parents rest on a bench and look at people. The teen would like to try the water in the pool, some sit and enjoy the chesstable, others may enjoy the TV in the B&B, kids have fun with the asteroide paradise, others just want to surf the internet. Whatever people like to do, it's the best place to meet your nabours and best friends, and perhaps some new people as well.

Lets just be very structured on this and take it by the floor and shop.

Zoning: University Java hut, it needs a university zoning for the Barista bar to work. It's all up to you though, just play and have fun.
Testing: I have used Una in my populated Stranda world to test this lot and all it's functions. I may have overlooked some minor issues in my seach for solutions to mods not working and so on Post in the comment section if you encounter any problems, and I will look at it.
Warning: Remember to hire staff and do the needed selections for each set and mod. This is possibly a lot for players who don't mind a bit of studying, testing and failing to make things work You can just start small, and consider the technical side part of the fun.
Some hints: I found some useful tutorials along the way. I recommend this one:

You can choose what you like to do and just not download from EA the sets you don't wanna use. My decoration will still be there, the objects will no doubt be replaced by the game with something silly.


Bakery: This is obviously made for the bakery set from EA. Download:

This is made with all the items from the full set. I had some troubles with some objects suddenly be replaced with big white square boxes, but that is a general problem with EA items sometimes.
Filling of all those shelfs may turn out to be impossible without a very big family running the place. I suggest you download one or both. According to douglasviega they don't crash.

a. ChainReaction's cupcake mod on nraas. It should have a general realise on may 5'th.
b. You can also use douglasviega's mod for the same set, but it looks to me like it may be too little for this big lot as it does not fill the shelfs for you.

Cafe and Restaurant This is made for the Bistro set or the Industrial oven, you only need the Premium set from this. I used ani_'s Bistro set mod when building this lot, if you don't use it you have to put the original oven and menu's in instead. The mod will provide you with waiters and a few other fixes to the EA set.

Download EA:
ani_'s mod: Download:

Sushi Restaurant: This and the wood oven doesn't work on a community lot as such, you will have to make it yourself. They are available to fill the shelfs with though, at least with the mods I have listed in this text. The sushi oven and a lamp from the main set has been used.

EA Download:

Flower, furniture and other shops. I decided to only include one register from EA, and leave out the savvy sellers mod from ani_. It turned out to be too complicated to figure out with all these things happening, where the problem was. For short, it didn't work. I also think it may be too much work. EA's setup doesn't really take anything away. Should be easy enough to replace the register and perhaps add a few more if you still like to try.

EA Download:
ani_'s mod:

I did have a plan to include the Nectar register in the wine shop, but it wasn't available with the exp I had chosen for this lot. The counter is there for you if you have it.

Simple B&B It's just very basic with a TV and sofa downstairs.


Pizza Restaurant: You need Monte Vista because of the wood oven, but also because of the Bistro cafe table and chair used all over the lot. The Restaurant also has the Industrial oven with waiters as in the Cafe/Restaurant downstairs.
EA Download:

Coffee shop: Cute tiny little barista bar from uni with some tables on a balcony.

Else: Internet shop without the shop, and a bathroom with a small apartment.


040414 Foodmarket by Volvenom, on Flickr

Apartment for the owners with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, office, bar, diningroom, open room below the grand glass ceiling. This apartment does not have a kitchen, but that didn't seem to be a problem
All floors have some additional rooms unfurnished.


From Luna in addition to the EA sets listed above.

Price: Furnished 550k, unfurnished 333k.

Lot Size: 40x50
Lot Price: see above

Number of bedrooms: 5 or more
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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