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1954 Mid Century Modern: Prelude To Happiness

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2014 at 3:34 PM
Updated: 26th Jun 2014 at 8:03 PM
The following items are not included in the download:
- 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible by Dr Pixel @MTS
- RC Invisible Driveway & Extensions by roddyaleixo @MTS
- Metro Window Master Mesh by Tiggy027 @MTS

Extra Credits:
-Torrox Border-Brown (chimney) by Moune999 @MTS
- RC Hemnes Bed by HugeLunatic @MTS
- RC Red Vs Blue Wall Hanging by plasticbox @MTS
- RC Karlstad Sofa by Klaartje @MTS
- Tanned Slate Roof by Elite Sim Builders @Sims2 Graveyard > "White Trims"

I played this 1954 Mid Century Modern with Brandi Broke and her children - and her husband, Julien Cooke. It was a little more house and a lot more Sims than I like to play, but it played well. And Brandi and Julien made it fun (they had twins together, meaning that at one time, seven Sims lived here).

I almost didn't build this house when I found it; it looked too busy. But once I saw past all the planters, the window boxes, the plant shelves climbing the chimney, and the mixed siding colors and textures (what was the architect trying to achieve?), I kinda liked it.

I knew the shed roof wouldn't work, but could get around that by making the carport roof flat, which I did. But it didn't look right. So I used a design technique I've seen in other plans - I added a storage wall. It really does give the carport a more incorporated and finished look.

Following plan 2, I got rid of the storage room, the utilities in the dining room!, and the fence around the front porch, which looked wonderful but visiting Sims had trouble getting around. I had to juggle walls and doors when I widened the hall, but the extra space comes in handy. I enlarged each of the bedrooms on the end by one tile so I could add a bath in the master bedroom, which also added an extra tile to the multi-use/3rd bedroom.

I had a two-seater snack bar on the kitchen side of the half wall but it didn't play well. Sims would use it (for snacks, of all things) but couldn't pick up anything from the inside island. It's a shame; it looked really nice. But if you don't mind cleaning up behind your Sims, you can always put the snack bar back in.

So it's a 3BD/2BA home, with a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry (just add your own washing machine), a covered carport with storage (I added a door!) and a pool.

Despite the modern features, the exterior of the house has a cottagey feel, and I think that's what the architect might have had in mind with his siding choices and the abundance of plants and flowers. He was attempting to appeal to the tried-and-truers with something that, however new, offered something inviting and familiar. I kept what I comfortably could of it, but you're welcome to make whatever changes you like.

The house gets its name from the catalog, "Prelude To Happiness," published by the National Plan Service in 1954, in which this house was featured.

I hope you enjoy playing this lot as much as I did.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: §67,911

Custom Content by Me:
- Retro Squiggly Diamond Linoleum_Avocado
- Retro Diamonds Linoleum_Aquamarine on Yellow
- Retro Diamonds Linoleum_Avocado on Yellow
- Retro Half Tile Wall_Aquamarine Light
- Retro Half Tile Wall_Avocado Light
- Retro Tile_Avocado

Custom Content Included:
- Modern Fence Low (flat roof edge) > Downloads > Retired Designers > Retired Sims 2 Creators > Lirunchik-Sims 2 > pg 1 Modern Fences Set by lirunchik @Black Pearl Sims
- Ikea Karlstad Loveseat by Nengi65 @Sims2 Graveyard
- The Embrasure by Ergo Mid by HugeLunatic @MTS
- The Embrasure by Ergo Privacy by HugeLunatic @MTS
- The Embrasure by Ergo Short by HugeLunatic @MTS
- AquaPlus Shower Stall by HugeLunatic @MTS
- Basic Paint-GreenMedium by HystericalParoxysm @MTS
- Vertical Vinyl Siding-green5 by JLonier @MTS
- Vertical Vinyl Siding-greyscale5 by JLonier @MTS
- Vincas (planter) by macarossi @MTS
- Maxis Match Plate Glass Door by moune999 @MTS
- Nook Living Curtain by moune999 @MTS
- Nook Living Curtain - Rod by moune999 @MTS
- Torrox Double Archway by moune999 @MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @MTS
- RC TresVisions Front Door-cherry by zookini @MTS
- TresVisions Retro-awesome Front Door by zookini @MTS
- The Retrospective Set - Nautical (window) by zookini @MTS
- UpRite Column Corner Version by HugeLunatic @MTS

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the researchers and editors at Mid Century Home Style for their dedication to preserving the record of mid century architecture. Their house plans and photo galleries of interior design are greatly inspiring. You can view this plan here: http://www.midcenturyhomestyle.com/.../54nps-7314.htm