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Harajuku Decora Outfit for Children

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2021 at 5:01 PM
Hoo boy I haven't tortured myself with an adult-to-child conversion in awhile

This one presented some challenges in terms of normals around the neck, but the most frustrating part was finding a way to recolor as much of this outfit as possible while making sense of the mess of…all that. The undershirt is now recolorable, because I have allergic reactions to unrecolorable stencils/overlays! It's also why I removed all the stickers and whatnot, to make this outfit as versatile as possible.

  • For child females.
  • Available under Everyday, Formal, Career (for Generations costumes). Not enabled for random!
  • 4 channels, 8 presets with unrecolorable overlays (ribbons and beads) in: pink, green, blue, lavender, peach, red, white, black, white.
  • Original Store item (afBodyHarajukuDecora) not required.

LOD1: 4502
LOD2: 2195
LOD3: 949