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9 more costumes for Echo and Phae's Halloween costume trunk

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2014 at 9:44 AM
Updated: 10th Nov 2014 at 11:47 PM
Update 11/10
I have redone some of the costumes so they no longer conflict with Phae's new costumes for her trunk. The Fairy has been renamed to wood nymph and no longer includes the child fairy costume, and the wizard costume is now only for children. (You can get the adult version and the fairy costume here) Echo phae costumes

I have added one new costume to the animal section. The ea bunny from the free Easter download. This costume is for male and female all ages and the required suit can be found here Ea bunny

Echo and Phae made a Halloween costume trunk for the sims 2 that seemed perfect for parties allowing sims to dress up in a variety of themed costumes. After Phae finally updated the costume trunk to include the last category, fantasy, I decided to create 9 new costumes for the trunk using Phae's handy templates and tutorial.

The costumes are as follows:

Animals: Dragon, Bunny
Spooky: Witch
Fantasy: Wood Nymph, holiday, knight,ninja, royalty, tribal, wizard

There are 3 different downloads.

The file All costumes includes the dragon, bunny, witch, wood nymph, holiday, knight, ninja, royalty, tribal, and wizard packages.
The file EA costumes includes the wood nymph, holiday, knight, ninja, and tribal
The file Custom content Costumes includes the dragon, child witch, holiday cc outfits, ninja cc outfits, royalty, bunny and wizard

So what are the requirements for each file.
The Wood Nymph costume requires seasons and is for toddlers, adults, and elders
The Holiday costumes requires the holiday party pack, and is for all ages except teens
The Knight costumes requires open for business and is for adults and elders
The Ninja costumes requires open for business and is for adults and elders
The Tribal costumes requires university and is for adults and elders
The Dragon costumes requires Phae's toddler dragon mesh and is only for toddlers. You can get that here Dragon toddler suit
The Bunny costume requires the hippity hoppity bunny suit from the TS2 official Easter set and is for all ages. It can be found here Hippity Hoppity bunny suit
The Wizard costumes requires fakepeeps7 wee wizard mesh and is for children. You can get the child suit here Fakepeeps 7 Wizard Costume
The Witch costumes requires fakepeeps7 wee wizard mesh and is also for children. The mesh can also be found at the link above
The HolidayCC costume requires enfin007 female teen Christmas elf and simslice male teen Santa suit (free download) and is for teens. You can get those here Simslice free santa suit
and here enfin007 teenage elf suit

The NinjaCC costume requires the Cocomama female and male ninja suits and is for teens. You can get that here Teenage female and male ninja suit
The Royal costumes requires the castle clothes from the sims store, family fun stuff, and the zoej toddler male and female prince and princess outfit as well as the child male prince outfit from the dark age project
you can find those here Toddler female prince outfit DP woman-princess and here Male toddler and child prince outfit DP men-wizprince

You need the costume trunk by Phae and Echo for these files to work which you can get here EchoPhae Costume Trunk
(download her update if you haven't already or the fantasy costumes won't work)

These costumes have been tested several times by me, and everything seems to work. The knight and bunny costumes don't have name conflicts with Phae's version of these costumes.
I hope you enjoy these costumes.

Additional Credits:
The Guild Masters