Peggy 4055 Recolor

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Uploaded 27th Dec 2014 at 11:04 PM · Updated 6th Dec 2017 at 9:54 PM by gummilutt : Mesh link fixed

I'm currently cleaning out my hairstyles, and I realized I did not have any blond recolor for Peggy mesh 4055. I personally use mostly pooklet, but when I couldn't find any pooklet recolors for this specific hair I decided to recolor it myself. I rather liked the outcome, so I decided to share it.

Now, it's pooklet-based, but it's not quite pooklet. I used extracts of a hair color done in pooklet, by Almighty Hat, but to make it suit this particular mesh the typical pooklet style became less notable. Whatever it is, I like it, and perhaps you will too.

UPDATE: As requested by Simonut, I made a version without the clip.

File information
- Comes in the four regular colors (black, brown, blond, red)
- For females, aged child, teen, young adult and adult (I'd love to include elder, but the mesh does not have it and Peggy's policy does not allow editing)
- Binned, familied
- Both townified and not townified files available (townified means that townies can spawn with these hairstyles)
- MESH NOT INCLUDED. Polycount of mesh is 4630.

REQUIRED but not included
To use this, you must get the mesh from Peggy. It's number 4055, uploaded july 19th 2008. I would love to include it, but Peggy's policy does not allow it. Link here or on the download page. (Note! Mesh currently unavailable over at Peggy's, so for now you can get it from simfileshare)

Update 2015-12-05: Peggy's site appears to have gone down for good, and her meshes can now be found in this thread at Sims Cave. Click here for the mesh required for these recolors.

- Peggy for the mesh, and the clip recolor
- Almighty hat for the hair textures used

Programs used
- MS Paint
- Bodyshop

Hair Style: Natural Colours
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Child Teen Young Adult Adult

Tags: #peggy, #pooklet, #4055, #recolor, #realistic