Yellow English Mannor - EP

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2005 at 8:05 PM
Yet another big house. I just love em...

The house contains x5 bedrooms, 4(2)x bathrooms, office(study), kitchen, pool room, activity room, dining /living area, tv room.

A large garage with space for 3 cars. The garage doors are also attached here. 1 rar for use with foundation (8 walls) and one for houses with no foundation (4 walls).
--- Note the the package for foundation has the warm yellow bricks at the top (as in this house), so if you intend to use them on other houses i suggest you either repaint them to the wall of choise or thet you use the yellow brick wall i made. Also attached btw.

House: 1 rar furnished, 1 unfurnished + pic.
No hacks.