More Staff at Hospital

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Uploaded: 29th May 2015 at 2:12 AM
Updated: 16th Oct 2015 at 8:15 PM - Update for latest patch
Oct 16 - updated for 1.11.64

If there was one thing I noticed right when I entered the Hospital the first time was the lack of staff. Especially after visiting the police department where there are more officers than the whole sim nation.

Seriously, one doctor, one nurse and one assistant, that's all the staff at the hospital. What are the sim politicians thinking of? Where are the sims on the streets demanding for a better health care system?

Well, this mod will install a new governor that demands for all small local hospitals to have at least 2 doctors and 4 nurses or orderlies.

The new staff will continue to make their standard actions, so right now the mod just adds a little more life at the hospital. But I'm working on giving some more autonomous actions for them like admit patients to exam beds. (So far, only frustration)

This mod should work with 1.11.64

This mod conflicts with Scumbumbo's Always Keep A Doctor At Hospital, so you need to remove Scumbumbo's mod. This mod comes with Scumbumbo's fix, so go to the download page to thank Scumbumbo.

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