Far Cry 5 - Boyd Residence (pre-Eco Lifestyle)

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Uploaded: 27th Jan 2020 at 1:03 AM
Updated: 8th Jun 2020 at 3:51 AM - Eco Lifestyle update notes

Note: This build is now outdated. It will still work with the current patch, but a more accurate build is available on the Gallery and elsewhere. The newer, more-accurate build is pending release on MTS. See below for more details.

My first console-verified, console-generated upload!

This lot was first tested and created using only a PS4, with this PC edition upload here being made second.

For PS4 / XBox One players

Check the Gallery under either "DozerfleetProd" (my PC handler) or "BulldozerIvan" (my PS4 handler.) Or search for #FarCry5.

Please note: More recent versions are also available, with better accuracy.

For PC players

Keep reading, to learn how to download from here. Though, it should be available in the Gallery too.

Who is Will Boyd?

Note: This section is written for those who aren't already avid fans of the game, and don't know the mythos well.

Boyd is one of the two protagonists in a semi-canonical Far Cry 5 prequel novel, dubbed Far Cry: Absolution. His sense of loyalty is torn, as he initially joins the Project at Eden's Gate cult; yet can't bear to hurt his friend Mary May Fairgrave - who has joined the Resistance.

Both sides have become aware that nuclear war has broken out. That both the US and North Korea are equally to blame. The Resistance believe it's their right to prepare for potential nuclear fallout on their own terms. Eden's Gate believes that they have the one and only right way to prepare. Due to various complications of the World War III, Hope County in Montana becomes isolated. The National Guard isn't coming, leaving it up to the locals to fend for themselves. Rival factions form.

However, tensions rise when the Seed family, in charge of Eden's Gate, become increasingly warlike themselves. When they decide that the only way to eliminate certain thorns in their side; is to force the entire county into serving them. The Seeds are very charismatic, and very manipulative, in control of a powerful neurotoxin called "Bliss" that allows them to alter the perceptions of victims and make them believe almost anything.

Before joining Eden's Gate, Boyd developed his own prepper bunker inside a wooden shack in his back yard. He became very talented at using a well and sub-pump system, as well as utilizing solar power, to ensure he always had enough power and water to take care of his most basic needs. He believed, however, that working for John Seed would ensure him a place in one of the Seeds' official bunkers - in case his own proved inadequate. John loved to flaunt himself as a religious man. He was also a great charismatic speaker; and had history as a lawyer. His speeches about "purging" sin from one's self had a lot of intimate flare. Boyd himself felt he had a lot to guilt that needed purging. What a relief it would be, if John knew the way!

However, he soon saw how warped, sadistic, and perverted John Seed could be. He began to question if he'd joined the right side or not.

Inside the FC5 PS4 game

In the main Far Cry 5 game, you can visit Boyd's house in the Holland Valley region. It's the hidden location of a Vietnam comic. It's located near the Dodd Residence and Strickland Farm. Boyd himself doesn't appear in the game proper, though he is mentioned. He also doesn't appear in the Asylum Films short Inside Eden's Gate, an elaborately well-done live action prequel film to the game.

Far Cry: New Dawn

In Far Cry: New Dawn, you can visit Boyd's house again. It's known as Traitor's Bluff in that game, and is barely recognizable.

While the Traitor's Bluff edition is not included here, I am considering uploading it elsewhere. Details will be in my journal.

Sims 4 conversion issues (section updated with Eco Lifestyle updates)

Suffice to say, it wasn't possible to make this lot for Sims 4 a 100% accurate translation. So whichever items I was able to create approximations or substitutions for, I made.
  • Since half-length walls aren't possible in Sims 4, and windows had to hard-snap horizontally (pre-Eco Lifestyle), window placements and shapes aren't identical to the game in this version. My new build (on the Gallery and my blog, pending upload here too) corrects this issue. However, it's now near-effortless to fix the issue yourself with this build. This also allows for correction of one wall in the bedroom, to better match original game accuracy.

  • Some of the unaltered screens are accompanied with altered screens, to better show room environment and texture. This is because Sims lighting is darker and lower contrast than Far Cry lighting, due to the Sims 4 engine using toon shaders and a far less powerful spec set than the Dunia engine. The house is very dimly lit. Bear in mind, Boyd is a mix of minimalist with doomsday prepper. And apart from the tech needed to run its bunkers, the Peggies are otherwise not big on technology. In fact, their successors, New Eden, are full-blown Luddites; believing the old-school Project's tolerance of modern tech was an abomination before God - that *somehow* made the Collapse inevitable.
  • The original Hope County Boyd shed is at an odd angle to the house. The Sims conversion isn't. This is because I needed a way into the bunker. At the time of build, Far Cry-style hatch doors and ladders weren't a part of the game. Stairs don't work at 45-degree angles too easily. The ladder in Eco Lifestyle can easily be used to swap out the stairs.
  • I replaced the other shed, which is boarded off in-game, with a rest stop. While either an outhouse or a toolshed, the other shed's being boarded up makes it impossible to tell its main purpose.
  • The main floor bathroom in my conversion is pure speculation. The room opposite of Boyd's bedroom is boarded off, so the door won't move. The window is not penetrable either. It's made clear that whatever is in that room, the Deputy is never meant to explore it and find out. So I made that space into something practical.
  • The large blue cubes of drinking water or what-not in Boyd's dining room space had no Sims equivalent, so I left them out. More recent builds on the Gallery do have stand-in decor, however.
  • This upload doesn't contain his roof solar panels. More recent builds with Eco Lifestyle address this. You can also add them yourself to this build if you have that pack. If you'd rather use CC to fix this and avoid buying another expansion pack, see below for that option.
  • The moose scalp mount wasn't replicable, so I replaced it.
  • Any other clutter items I couldn't match, have approximate substitutes.
  • I skipped the doghouse. It's not possible in Sims 4 to make a dog house just like the one in Far Cry 5. And on console, I didn't have Cats and Dogs installed on the PS4 when making this.
  • No beehive to assault you in the Sims 4 version.

Note: The Spider-Man joke image was PC-generated, obviously. It's also part of a running gag that began in December of 2018, with various Into the Spiderverse memes. I jumped on board with that with various TS4 mod testing for putting different Spider-Men in Sims 4, and then ran that to make a parody dubbed A Centipede Lost in the Spiderverse, where Ciem gets forcibly inserted into the Miles Morales origin story (but fails to change it in any truly significant way.)

The joke is also part of a gag with how one of the Deputy avatar customization options looks a little bit like Yuri Watanabe / Wraith from Spider-Man PS4, leading to a joke that she left the Manhattan map (which Peter isn't allowed to do) and took up shelter after the Silver Linings DLC by becoming the Junior Deputy out in Hope County, Montana.

How Yuri became mute, is never explained. But the running gag is that whenever Spider-Man appears in a different video game, he says something to the effect of: "So this is why I never leave Manhattan!"

Granted, this requires a variation of Hope County to also exist in Earth-1048, which would mean Iron Man and the Avengers would prevent the Collapse at the last possible second. Or, at the very least, would protect Hope County from being part of it. Which, in turn, would ensure that the plot of New Dawn couldn't happen. Which likewise means Yuri would never become the Judge. But...I digress. Butterfly effects, and all that.

Recommendations for PC users

To better match the Far Cry version, the following changes may be made to your lot. I've included a picture of one as an example.
  • If you don't have or want Eco Lifestyle, add the Functional Solar Panels and Water Heater by Sigma1202. Not included with the default lot here, but definitely worth the upgrade!
  • Add for yourself the mini-fridge for Boyd's bunker (requires Discover University.) More recent builds elsewhere do this automatically.
  • The Off-the-Grid lot trait (requires Island Living and / or Eco Lifestyle). May replace Great Acoustics, which is a placeholder trait. Boyd will generate just enough electricity and water to keep himself going, but not much else.

Main Sims 4 gameplay specs

Traits: Bracing Breezes, Great Acoustics, Homely
Price (Furnished): $64,411 (on PC)
Price (Unfurnished): $29,437 (on PC)
File size: 192 KB (on PC)
Lot size: 40x30
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2 (3 if you count the outhouse)

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 64,411
Lot Price (unfurnished): 29,437

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Ubisoft, for inspiring this amazing game for me to re-create.