Sion Neighborhood: With/Without CC

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2016 at 4:40 PM
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I've been working on this neighborhood for some time. It was for personal use and I had used a lot of CC. When I decided to share it, I had to remove all my lots so you don't need to download tons of buy/build CC. Yet, I kept CC for neighborhood decoration.


You can choose what kind of 'hood you want to download, either the version with CC (Neighborhood decoration only) or not.
In case you choose the version with CC, you must download the next CC for the map to be displayed correctly.




The neighborhood is divided into six zones:
  • Residential: It is a suburb . It contains spaces where you can put lots of 3x3 next to each other.
  • Urban: It is a downtown. Most community lots will be placed here.
  • Countryside: It is a rural place. Mainly designed for farm activities.
  • Shore: It is a coast. There is room to place beach lots.
  • Mountain: It is mostly a cliff. Perfect for cabins and camping sites.
  • Industrial: It is an industrialized place. It can be filled by abandoned and neglected lots.

These zones do not have any lot at all.


In order to be able to view this map in its entirety, you need to have a neighborhood camera mod which makes it possible to pan the camera all the way to the world's edge. I use GunMod's Camera Mod. Without it you won't see the whole 'hood.


I challenge anyone can fill this neighborhood with nice residential/community lots, and share it into MTS.
If you do it, please send me a PM before you upload it.

Additional Credits:
Mootilda's Tutorial: How to make a clean custom neighborhood.