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Glamour Life Stuff: Faux Fur Mink Coats

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2016 at 9:59 PM
Hey guys,

I decided to make some recolours of the Glamour Life Stuff pack’s fur coats. My recolours are faux fur, because real fur isn’t cool, and they come in 8 recolours named; Baby Blue, Fire Gold, Ivory, Lilac, Mint, Pastel Pink, Red & Wild.

*Requires Glamour Life Stuff Pack*
*Found under Formal & Outerwear*
*AF Only*
*I’ve named all the package files by colour in case you’d like to choose certain colours only.

Thanks to these creators for making my Sim models gorgeous!

Skin by: Sleeping Tabby
Eyes by: Sugar & caffeine
Hair by: Myself/Maxis
Eyebrows by: Myself/Bruno
Make up by: Maxis, Rensim, Vikagu,

-Wallpaper by: Maxis
-Floor by: Maxis

Additional Credits:
- ADOBE Photoshop CS2
-Tutorials by Faylen