Autonomous ocean swimming depending on season, temperature, personality, etc.

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2016 at 4:04 PM
Updated: 8th Apr 2019 at 9:27 AM - added known issues
Update, 15.06.2017

11 dec. 2016.

9 oct. 2016.

With this mod installed both playable sims and visitors can and will autonomously swim in the ocean, provided there's a beach and no restrictions are met. (They kinda could already, but hardly ever did.)

Sim's decision whether to get in water or not, depends on:
- current season (see flavors below)
- presence of deep snow (because you don't want snow angels in swimwear)
- outdoor temperature (must be at least comfortable outside or it's no fun)
- body temperature (chilly sims don't try to make ice-sticks of theselves, overheated sims beg for a swim and comfy sims may vary from 'meh' to rather fond of it)
- being a servo (robots stay away from water, well, mostly...)
- active personality (active sims love it more than lazy)
- fitness hobby (the more enthusiasm, the more desire to swim)
- current outfit (swimsuit has a plus, formal wear has a big minus, outerwear banned)
- time of day (getting in sea is less likely during the night)
- motives (low hunger, energy, bladder or comfort - is a no)

With permission of Inge Jones I based my mod on her GetInSeaPatch. With it sims can decide to get in sea if they're hot enough, and by 'hot' I mean their body temperature. My edition makes ocean swimming 'weather sensitive' and more attractive for sims with normal body temperature. It only alters autonomous behavior, player can direct a sim to swim anyway.

  • Except Winter. Sims can autonomously go for an ocean swim in any season except winter, if the weather is appropriate as well as their body condition. The weather is somewhat random, but spring is more likely to have warm days then autumn (fall), unless you have mods altering this. Winter temperatures are too low anyway, so I disabled it completely. There is an issue though: outdoor temperature practically doesn't exist on community lots (it resets to comfortable no matter what season), so take it into consideration if you choose this version.
  • Summer Only. Sims can decide to get in sea only in summer. The outdoor temperature is guaranteed to be warm enough, bacause I've set the limit lower than the lowest possible summer temperature (again - unless you have mods altering this). Other conditions still apply, so if you somehow manage to have deep snow in summer - there will be no autonomous swimming until it thaws.
Choose only one version of the mod

You'll need Bon Voyage (that's where ocean swimming from).
It's probably unnessasary to have all the other EPs. I've made it so that if you don't have Seasons (weather) or Open for Business (robots) or Free Time (hobby) you could still use the mod (it'll detect wheter you have the EPs or not), but I can't test it to make 100% sure. I have Ultimate Collection and that's what I tested the mod on.
Feel free to try it out and get back to me, if you'd like.

Known Issues
Swim-walking in the ground. This mod either causes the issue or exposes/aggravates the existing one. Unfortunately, I haven't yet figured it out.

If you have Inge's GetInSeaPatch, you need to take it out to use one of these
The mod will probably conflict with any mods altering the 'Get in' interaction

Technical Details

Additional Credits:
Inge Jones for making the original mod and for everything else
Influence for the idea of making this mod
gummilutt and crumplebottom_marky4444 - by sticking my nose in their mods I had got a better understanding of how people get things done with BHAVs (I didn't copy their approach though, but somehow it helped, I don't know)
BoilingOil for helping gummilutt, who helped me
LilSister for testing the latest version.
In production of this mod I used: The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, SimPE, MTS & wiki, Photoscape