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Shiftable Everything - Move Any Object Up and Down

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2022 at 5:29 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2024 at 4:57 PM
Tired of fiddly OMSPs and want to decorate more easily like in the Sims 4? Yeah.

Move ANY Object Up and Down
  • Default or custom, decorative or functional, standing or hanging, buy mode or build mode.
  • Fit nicely to standard heights of tables, counters, etc.
  • Many functional objects remain usable even if animations don't always look good.

Press the Right Keys
  • On English and Russian keyboards it works with [ and ] keys
  • On Scandinavian keyboards, the keys are å and ´
  • On a Canadian French keyboard, the shifting keys are ^ and ¸
  • The shifting keys on the Brazilian Portuguese keyboard are ´ and [ (the same as the ones for shrinking/enlarging objects in TS4)
  • The keys for Spanish keyboards are the question marks

Decorate like a Pro
  • Use decorating cheats for best results:
    • moveObjects on
    • boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false
    • boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true
    • boolProp quarterTilePlacementEnabled true
  • Test that functional objects are accessible if you need them to be.
  • Bin, package and share your lots. Objects stay how you adjusted them and keep their shiftable nature even if the mod is no longer present.
  • Shifting steps are fixed, but sometimes you can offset the distance by moving an object all the way up or all the way down -- it may go at slightly different heights than before.

This is a global mod that affects almost all objects in game
Requires Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden
Confirmed in the comments to work with M&G without AL

Note the Caveats
There's always a "but", right?
  • The mod mostly applies to newly bought objects. You can re-buy existing items that weren't affected.
  • Objects as high as wall won't shift, and higher than wall objects may sink into the ground instead. Note that shadow mesh counts as part of the object and may prevent it from moving.
  • Hanging objects lowered below their starting point may appear darker or lighter, as if they were catching the downstairs lighting. The Sweet Down Low mesh replacements and lighting mods linked below may help you with this problem.
  • Doors, windows, and stairs are excluded from "everything" due to wall masks and sinking issues. But I enabled shifting for trees and columns despite sinking, because people might find a use for them.
  • Small kitchen appliances and table phones must be on surface to be usable (this is not related to shifting as such, it'll be the same if you put them on the ground with moveobjects on). The mod to fix this problem is currently in progress.

Don't throw away OMSPs and MoarSlots mods
  • You may need OMSPs for precision, additional height, rotating, tilting, and invisible usable counters. Also, if you remove OMSPs used on your lots, expect the objects they were holding to jump away.
  • If you've been using replacements that add more slots to maxis furniture, keep them. It's up to you, but if you remove them now, all objects that were placed on new slots will probably jump away somewhere.
  • Custom walk-through blocks may help with accessibility in very cluttered spaces.

See Related Mods
Optional, but might interest you.
  • Invisible Kitchen Surface - counter OMSP that turns invisible in Live mode.
  • OMSPs Revisited and Improved - OMSPs with tilting, rotating, undergrounding, and so on.
  • Full Range Shiftable OMSPs - OMSPs for precision.
  • Walk Around & Through Blocks - for sims to ignore objects in the way where you want them to.
  • Sweet Down Low Tweaked - mesh replacements that start at the ground level, so that when you buy such an object you will only shift it up, avoiding changing lighting that happens when you shift objects below their starting point.
    • Keep in mind that whoever uses your lots decorated with OMSPs and SDL will need them in their game, otherwise the objects will change their positions and possibly other properties, as some SDL replacements may also add slots.
  • Maxis Match Lighting Mod and Cinema Secrets Lighting Mod - are said to fix or minimize issues with shifting down paintings.
  • Semi-Shiftable Windows and Doors if you want to experiment. We may have fully shiftable windows in the future, but not yet.
  • Kitchen Shelves - some pretty CC shelves for your kitchen appliances.
  • Coming soon: Usable appliances and phones without counters or tables - allows sims to use table phones and small kitchen appliances that are not ON a counter or table exactly.

Fix Unaffected Objects
Most original and custom content will work with this mod without any extra actions, but if you find some object that doesn't move and you have some SimPE skills, you can update it yourself.
  • Find the Init function in its package (or multiple Init functions if it's a multi-tile object)
  • Stick the global "Init - Object" #10F BHAV call in the very beginning of it. It has to be the beginning.
  • If it's already there and the object doesn't shift anyway, it may be harder to fix.
    • Maybe the object is too big or the shadow mesh is wall high. The game won't let meshes go to above level, as far as I can tell.
    • See if the Adjustable Height flag is being cleared somewhere later in the Init (Expression: My Placement Flags 2 Clear Flag Literal 0x000A). Maybe creator did it on purpose?

Any mod that overrides global BHAV #10F "Init - Object" will clash with this one.
- Numenor's GlobalHack_OFB_Custom-objects-placeable-on-shelves - I'm afraid you're going to have to remove it to use my mod.
I tried to merge it with my file, but it ended up buggy, especially with selling and restocking: one time sold items would act just fine and another time those same items in those same positions would have their restocking signs jump away.
You can change object's placement on shelves the old fashioned way. Open its OBJD resource and edit data field #4F: Object size (quantity per shelf). Values: 0 is 1 per shelf, 1 is 2 per shelf, 2 is 6 per shelf. If it's an in-game item, extract the OBJD in a separate package and put it in the Bins folder where your game is installed, so that the object doesn't become deletable in game.

Creators of The Sims 2, SimPE, Photoscape, ModTheSims.
Also, many thanks to simmers here and on tumblr for feedback and encouragement =)