Colorful Pictures Pack - 78 variations

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Uploaded: 19th Apr 2014 at 4:19 PM
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Colorful abstract stylized pictures, a bit cartoony-looking to match the game. 3 objects, 78 variations in complete set. Mostly in warm colors, from splashy and bright to calm and peaceful. I've tried to make the choice wide: something for kids, something geometrical, something floral, etc. Textures compiled of free patterns from Colorlovers (see the credits below for complete list and links).

These are recolors of game objects - compositions are from base game and the other two from University life - so they have the same polygon counts as the original EA objects.

Set contents
Object namepricecategorynumber of variationsrecolourable channelsfile format
Colorful Square Paintings100decor - paintings and posters501 - framepackage & sims3pack
Colorful Horizontal Pics200decor - paintings and posters14 + 11 - back side (or entire surface in recolorable variation)package & sims3pack
Colorful Pic Compositions300decor - paintings and posters142 - frame and matpackage & sims3pack

See attached pictures to get the idea.

Game requirements
Although 2 of 3 objects were cloned from University life, I've made my recolors base game compatible. Built with patch 1.66, should work fine if you have the same or higher. Also tested on patch 1.63 by my friends and seem to work fine too. Unfortunately, can't guarantee anything about earlier patches, the sims 3 is tricky in this matter.

No need in "moveobjects"
Easy placing close to other decor or lightings, ignoring stairs and fence (which is never really interferes) without cheats. Because it's annoying sometimes how the game reacts on a painting under a balustrade, for example. Though use consideration and keep the distance reasonable

Horizontal painting has fully recolorable variation. Find plaid preset and apply any desired pattern to it to make your own painting.
Known weirdness about it. Since I just took off an overlay (top layer) of painting to let you to recolor it in Create-A-Style, you may notice that pattern will cover not only front but all the object including back side (normally back side is something like wood or paper). Not quite an issue, because nobody sees back side when painting is hanging on a wall, but I thought I'd say.

Here's the list of original patterns.

Additional Credits:
Creators of TSR Workshop, Photoshop, PhotoScape. MTS for hosting my creations. Special thanks to Dara_Savelly for testing, advice and moral support in "why-don't-that-stupid-icons-work" moments. Ameowls - for testing.