Love Letter Bug Fix

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Uploaded: 17th Sep 2021 at 2:40 AM
With this fix viewing love letter won't throw an error anymore. There was a missing BCON value, which is now present.

Love letter is a reward for a good date. It's a card you can take out of your mailbox, put on a surface and view it (and get jealous because your wife apparently went out with this dude).

Requirements: Night Life. I only tested on UC, but it should work with any other game config, as long as you have NL.

Conflicts: none that I know of. Will conflict with other mods that override the same resources (BCON #1000 of group 0x7FFA3C2F and its labels).

Credits: EA/Maxis, SimPE, Photoscape

By the way, check out a new mod and three updates in Job Options set (honestly, this line was the main reason to upload this tiny fix, haha)