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Uploaded 10th Oct 2021 at 3:07 PM · Updated 10th Oct 2021 at 3:21 PM by Lamare

This is a custom phone call that allows sims to upgrade from a part-time career to a corresponding full-time career.

Remember how working teens grow up and get transferred from a teen career to an adult career branch (e.g. teen culinary → adult culinary with promotion)? This mod does the same thing, but for adults and elders, and at any time. Just call Work → Upgrade to Full Time Career. The phone call is available to sims who have a part time job.
On top of the standard procedure, your sim will get a memory of promotion and fulfil some wants: to enter career track, to get a promotion, to reach certain career level.

You may configure this mod by editing its BCON #1004 called "Tuning - Mod This Mod".
  • Check performance? - set to 1, if you want job performance to affect whether a sim can upgrade.
  • Allow teens? - set to 1, if you want teens to be able to upgrade, while still being teens. This won't make the school go away, and the hours may overlap.
  • Minimum performance threshold - could be from -100 to 100. If "Check performance?" is set to 1, sim's performance must be this high or higher to be able to upgrade. Average performance is 0 (half full bar).
  • Add promotion memory? - set to 1, if you want a sim to receive a memory of promotion.
  • Only from top level? - set to 1, if you want to allow upgrade only for sims who reached the top (3) level of their part-time career (as if they were trainees and completed an internship).

Versions (pick one!)
I made a few, but if you'd like a version I haven't provided and can't edit the file yourself, you may ask me to make one.
  • (A) Non-restrictive. For teens, adults and elders. Career level doesn't matter. Job performance doesn't matter. Promotion memory is added.
  • (B) The strictest. Only for adults and elders. Only from top career level. Job performance must be excellent (95). Promotion memory is added.
  • (С) Only for adults and elders. Career level doesn't matter. Job performance must be at least average (0). Promotion memory is added.
  • (D) For teens, adults and elders. Only from top career level. Job performance doesn't matter. Promotion memory is added.
If you can't decide (I can't!), grab the flexible "A" version and make up rules as you play.

You don't need any particular expansion pack, but you do need some EP/SP after Night Life, I think.
I tested the mod on Ultimate Collection, and I can't really confirm how it works on other game versions, but I don't see a reason why it wouldn't. Feel free to try it out.

This is a standalone object, so the odds of conflict are very low. That being said, this mod may conflict with another custom phone call that has the exact same category and sub-category, which is very unlikely (129/42, found in OBJD).
Also, any hack that changes the standard procedure that newly grown sims go through when they get upgraded will affect the results.

About custom careers
So, what would be a corresponding full-time career for a custom part-time career? It depends on the creator's choice.
If you want to find out, what adult career is linked to a certain custom teen/elder career, try one of the three things.
  • Read career's description on its download page.
  • Test the upgrade procedure in game without saving.
  • Look inside the package. More on that below.

I'm not a native English speaker and I wonder if the notifications sound alright? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Type: Object Mods

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