4 Boxwood Bush Variations

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2016 at 7:32 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2018 at 1:46 PM
Edit: that's what you get for rushing, I guess... No modifications to the files themselves, just a few mentions.

Landscaping can sometimes be difficult when you have to restrict yourself to using only certain plants, for fear of colors clashing.
Not only that, but some EA bushes are too saturated. Therefore, I made a few recolors of the basegame Boxwood bush.

  • four color variations: lighter, darker, and withered (light and dark versions), all slightly more desaturated than the game Boxwood.
  • can be found under Build Mode \ Shrubs, and World Builder \ Landmarks;
  • can now be placed on slopes*;
  • they cost $50 like the original Boxwood bush;
  • you don't need any EPs or SPs to use them, as they use basegame resources.
  • they animate properly (moving around, swaying in the wind);
  • they don't replace the existing Boxwood bush (unless you use a DR version, of course).

* I also made a small OBJD modification to the original Boxwood bush, making it visible in the World Builder and placeable on sloped terrain. You can get the file here: http://simfileshare.net/download/127823/

You can use them to build a variety of lots with different "personalities", from sunny parks to run-down abandoned houses.

Additional Credits:
S3OC, brntwaffles for their Frozen lighting mod (for the screenshots)