3 Recolors of Harvestable Plants

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2016 at 9:07 PM
(I feel bad for spamming the downloads section so much, sorry... ^^")

These are retextures that have all harvestable plants in similar hues, to avoid the jarring differences between them.
The real plants don't have such saturated leaves as the bush or tree, and aren't as desaturated as the vines either.
If anything, it's something in-between, and it's weird to see such differences. So I tried to make them as similar as possible.

The "matches tree" and "matches vine" recolors of the money trees look very similar, but the "matches vine" one is slightly less saturated.

Requires only the basegame, no EPs, SPs, Store or custom content!

Every archive features two files:
  1. one for the tree, bush, and vine;
  2. one for the money tree, in case you want to leave the money tree as it is.

These are all default replacements, so choose only one!
However, you can combine the plants and the money trees however you want.
Just make sure you don't have two replacements of the same type in your game:
NO: two money tree replacements, two plant replacements
YES: the file to match the harvestables with the bush + the file to match the money tree with the vine

Edited _IMG resources:
gardenPlantFoliage (bush)
plantLargeTree_d (tree)
plantLargeTree_mone (money tree)
plantSmallVine (vine)

They will conflict with mods that affect these resources e.g. this money tree replacement by OhChiblets

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