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Stone Pine Trees

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2017 at 5:00 PM
I bring you two versions of the Stone Pine, which is seen in countries all around the Mediterranean sea. One is tall and rather straggly, The other is short, but lusher, with a fuller canopy. There are two versions of each, one to be used in the lot and the other a hood deco version. So, there are four files in total available for download here. Both the ' in lot' trees have unique GUIDs, taken from my last reserved batch.

The trees were cloned from Brevifolito's Joshua Tree, which has no seasonal states and cannot be snowed on. The Joshua Tree was introduced in the University EP, so these trees require that EP to show up.. They are found in Build Mode under Garden Center/Trees and cost $260 each.

The hood deco versions require an EP to show up, but it can be any EP. They can be found in Neighborhood view under Hood deco/Flora and do not have a price. Of course, they are a lot less detailed than the 'in lot' versions. What they look like for comparison purposes when placed close to the edge of a lot can be seen here:

The 'in lot' trees are bump mapped, so the textures may appear flatter if your graphics card won't handle bump maps. They have also been compressorised. (Guess who was lurking on the 'things we like to see in CC' thread!).

I believe these kind of trees are the source of the edible pine nuts, used in Italian and other Mediterranean cooking. These trees won't produce nuts, but there is a Pine Nut Spawner at Plum Bob Keep that could be used with them. http://www.medievalsims.com/forums/...hp?f=240&t=9218

Polygon Counts:
Stone Pine Short - 6880 vertices *WARNING* High Poly Object.
Stone Pine Short Hood Deco and LOD90 - 1018 vertices
Stone Pine Tall - 6720 vertices *WARNING* High Poly Object.
Stone Pine Tall hood deco and LOD90 - 1117 vertices.

Additional Credits:
Simpe. Blender. Paint.net.

The textures used were from Wikipedia Commons and the attributions are here: