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Ayumu Reshade Preset v1.1

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2017 at 3:44 PM
Updated: 27th Mar 2020 at 6:58 PM - Reshade link updated
All patch version compatible !

Attention: I am Japanese. This is written by Google Translate. If there are places that require proofreading of the sentences, please let me know!

Version 1.1
Please see the image first

This shader preset was made to improve the subtle graphics of Sims 3. It has been tested in all worlds and seasons such as SunlitTides and MoonlightFalls.

This MOD is a customized preset file for Reshade 3.0.8. Please construct the environment according to the installation method described below.

important point
Reshade is a post-processing effect. Effects are applied to the entire screen regardless of UI presence or absence.

This preset includes the Bloom effect to enhance the brightness of the sun. I adjusted it so as not to affect playing, but the UI is brighter at night, so it glows dazzling. Also, in locations such as white walls and white sand beaches that spread widely, glare may be strengthened.

Bloom is set to be less than usual, but if you are concerned about dazzling please cut off the Bloom effect.

Impact on performance
I have not tested on performance hits, but Reshade is a very high performance hit effect. I think that for high-powered graphics board is required.

My PC spec is as follows:
PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core i7-3770k CPU @ 3.50GHz ~ 4.4GHz (8CPUs)
MEMORY: 24GB RAM (8+8+4+4 DDR3)
GRAPHICS: GeForce GTX 980ti
(Probably you do not need such a high spec.)

How to install
1. Installing DirectX end-user runtime
First of all, you need to install DirectX end-user runtime to run Reshade. This is a requirement that is also written on the official website.

>> https://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=8109
ReShade supports all of Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11 and OpenGL.
A computer with Windows Vista SP1 or higher (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and the DirectX end-user runtime installed is required.

2. Installing Reshade 3.0.8
Next, you need to install Reshade 3.0.8. Download ReShade_Setup_3.0.8.exe from the official site link and run it.
>> http://www.mediafire.com/file/yrtxqx9txjlrnbu/ReShade_Setup_3.0.8.exe/file

Press the "Select game", to specify the TS3.exe. Then, please press the Direct 3 D 9 check box. Answer "Yes" to the dialog for downloading ReshadeEffect, check all the effects and press "OK".

It is completed when "Done" is displayed
3. Installing Lighting Tweaks MOD
My preset is based on Environment Lighting Tweaks v4.0 by mahamudo. That MOD is a wonderful thing. Please use it together.

I am using the following files.
  1. Buhudain_ENV_V4.0_Color_LighterWater_BlueNight.package
  2. Buhudain_ENV_V4.0_DynamicShadow_DefaultSunMoon.package
  3. Buhudain_ENV_V4.0_Lighting_LowerBloom.package
  4. Buhudain_ENV_V4.0_Weather_MoreSunny.package
4. Installing my preset
Please put my preset file in TS3.exe folder.

Start the game and open the GUI with Shift + F2.
Please select AyumuPreset_v1.1.ini in the preset column.

5. Graphics settings
It is my graphics setting. please use this as an example.
Edge Smoothing must be off. DOF can not be used.
Since Visual Effects works to enhance Bloom effect, it is turned off. It's too dazzling.
Lighting and Shadows is the higher the better. Simply because a good appearance.

Now, all the settings are done! Enjoy

6. Hot key setting(Options)
It is recommended to set the hot key to switch the effect.

DOF has problems with making the interface difficult to see.Therefore, it is recommended to turn it off except when shooting screenshots.

To make it easy to switch effects, you can set the hot key in the GUI.
The effects to set are as follows.
  • LightDoF_AutoFocus >>> F6
  • LightDoF_Far >>> F7
  • LightDof_Near >>> F8
LightDoF_AutoFocus: switches auto focus. Usually looks like focus on the cursor position.
LightDoF_Far: switches the blurring effect behind the screen.
LightDof_Near: switches the blurring effect in front of the screen.

How to customize
The default is GUI display Shift + F2.
Change UsageMode to ConfigrationMode on the Settings tab.

The following are the effects used in my preset. You can disable it by unchecking from the GUI.
  • AmbientLight
  • BloomAndLensFlares
  • Clarity
  • Colourfulness
  • DPX
  • HDR
  • FXAA
  • LightDoF_AutoFocus
  • LightDoF_Far
  • LightDof_Near
  • MagicBloom
  • MXAO
  • Tint

Additional Credits:
Reshade 3.0.8 by https://reshade.me/

Environment Lighting Tweaks v4.0 by mahamudo