Airy Metal Fencing: X Style and FourTier Fencing

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Uploaded 24th Oct 2017 at 12:54 AM

I was asked to create a fence with the same X design as the Go Green Fence Enhancers with Potted Plants that could be used alone and in conjunction with the Go Green Fence Enhancers
I ended up creating two new metal fences. One with the X design like the Go Green Fence( the X Fence and Fence Enhancer) and another with four horizontal rungs at the base (the Four Tier fence and Fence Enhancer). Both can be used as enhancers in existing fences as well.
Each fence comes with 7 color choices, including one emergency or caution fence for each pattern.
The X fence and the Four Tier Fence can be used together or separately, to produce different patterns of fencing.
Like the regular game fences, Sims will not cross these fences.

The cheat bb. moveobjects is required to connect some of the fence sections to complete an enclosure.

To create a gated fence you will need to add a small section of regular fencing and then place the gate of your choice over that fencing. (See the images above.)

Both fences can be found in Decorative under Sculpture.
The cost of a section is:20 Simoleons


Polygon Counts:
X Fence and Fence Enhancer:
LOD 0 Hi: 84
LOD 1 Med:74

Four Tier Fence and Fence Enhancer:
LOD Hi: 90
LOD1 Med:80

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Gimp 2
Maxis Mesh by EA
Mesh Edits by me.
Recolors by me.

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Unlocked

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