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Farm and Industry Silos

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Uploaded: 11th Oct 2018 at 11:59 PM
Here's another entry into the farm category, one that will work just as well for industrial builds. Farm silos are just what a farmer need to store grain or hay, and an industrialist requires to store necessary chemicals.
Farm Silos are low poly for large structures. A mere 537 poly each. Farm Silos come in six colors/textures and two versions.
Both can be used as is, or with an easily built attached entrance.
Why make two versions?
So you can choose to use them as strictly decorations (the regular version), or choose to create a habitable space for your Sim inside the attached entrance (using the walk-thru version).
You can even choose to use them as they are. No building required.
If you do decide you want the entrance, the instructions on how to build one, for either version of silo, are found in the images above.

Only one version of the Farm Silo can be in the game at a time.
The regular version may require the bb.moveobject cheat to place.
The walk- thru version does not require any cheats.

The Farm Silo and the Farm Silo (walk- thru) versions are found in your catalogue in Decorative, under Sculptures
The price for either is: 100 Simoloens

Polygon Counts:
LOD counts apply to both versions.

LOD 0 Hi: 537
LOD 0 Hi Shadow: 499

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Gimp 2
Original Maxis mesh by EA
Vertical wall pattern and metal and roof tile pattern by EA
Recolors, pattern changes and additional patterns by me
Mesh edits and additions by me