Absolutely Marbelous Fence and Railing Default

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2021 at 11:04 PM
I always thought the Absolutely Marbelous fence and stair railing from Get Famous looked really nice but it was annoying that you can't choose which way the llama heads face on the pillars. The game chooses which way they face for you and it doesn't always fit with the build you are creating. They don't even face the front of the Lot on the builds where EA have used them.
This caused me to set out creating this file which will remove the llama heads from the pillars of the fence and matching stair railing. There was a LOT of trial and error during the creation of this and the very last stumbling block was the Sun shadows. TSRWorkshop can work with fences and railings but not create defaults, and Studio can create defaults but not work with fences or railings.
During my digging I also found textures for three additional swatches that don't appear in the game so I've turned those into fully functional additional swatches which are grouped with the original items.

Placing the file into your mods folder will automatically remove the llama head from any builds already in your game and any newly placed fences or railings. It will also add three new swatches to each; white; black pillars with black metal work; black pillars with gold metal work.

For those that would still like the llama head decoration present on the pillars I have also created a stand-alone decorative pillar that can be found under Decorations > Sculptures for a cost of 50 simoleons. It comes in all the original swatch options as well as the three newly added ones.
The footprint has been disabled for placement but is still enabled for routing so Sims won't walk through them. What this means is that they can be placed inside the existing fence and railing pillars without needing to use the moveobjects cheat.

The deco llama pillar package is optional and is not needed for the main package to function.
When placing a deco llama pillar on the bottom of stair railings you will need to slide it into place. Please check the attached GIF to see how that works.

Polygon Counts:
Llama head pillar
High 310
Medium 214

Replaced pillars
High and Medium 12

Additional Credits:
syboulette's fence making tutorial,
everybody else that helped with guidance and feedback along the way.