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Hotel Royale - Boroughsburg (CC Free)

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Uploaded: 4th Dec 2018 at 11:41 PM
In town for a business trip? Need a break from your naggin' family? Book a stay with us at Hotel Royale, where we treat you like royalty. Hourly rates available for those who wants to get away for a few hours of privacy. What happens at Royale, stays at the Royale. Enjoy our scenic view of the city and boogey down with our street life.

Clean and comfortable rooms fit for a king! Your stay could not be more luxurious. Get a taste of royalty for the price of a bargain!

Street Life:
Our local street life provides ample markets and stores. We're adjacent to a local bar for your service. Drink a few shots, play some pool.

So don't hesitate! Drop by today, we're open 24-7 to meet all your needs.

Lot Description:
This is a "resort" lot for the custom world Boroughsburg by Potato-ballad-sims. (Link) However, again, you can use it in any world you like. It replaces the lot "502 Kant Ave." It comes with 3 luxury rooms, however you can furnish it up to 9. The reason I only did 3 is to reduce redundancy, rest are hidden rooms. Though the hotel and the bar are described as "separate" but unfortunately, the whole lot is resort lot so in reality they're considered part of the hotel.

Floor Plans:

EP List:
EP listed are ones I own, not necessarily used. You will require IP for resort lot type.

CC List:
As described, it is CC free with the exception of the resort rabbithole rug, which is required for the lot to function.

- "Island Paradise Rabbit Hole Rug" - By Margaret Pendragon, Available Free at Simsl3gacies. (Link)

- There IS a deco building to the left, but it is not really part of the lot. It is part of Boroughsburg and when you place this lot in this world, the building will exist. Without Boroughsburg CC, this deco building won't exist. Simply either create an empty building here or just make it into a parking lot. The reason I didn't replace it is because deco buildings can be placed at the edge of the lot, where it is seamlessly connected to another off-lot deco building.

Known Issues:
- No real issues other than the usual check-in desk and trashcan being displaced. Simply use "moveobjects on" and place them according to the screenshots or wherever you like.

Lot Size: 25x30
Lot Price (furnished): 106382
Lot Price (unfurnished): 50013