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Final Fantasy VIII: Quistis Trepe

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Uploaded: 20th May 2017 at 8:32 PM
Updated: 29th Apr 2020 at 12:15 PM
Quistis Trepe is one of the playable characters of Final Fantasy VIII, and my personal favorite among them. So I decided to create a sim version of her.

Quick Bio:
Quistis is an orphan, just like the other four main characters in the game, enlisted in an organization called SeeD: a mercenary force consisting of combat specialists conducting missions around the world. She began training at age 10, became a SeeD at 15, then climbing up the ranks to being an instructor at a tender age of 17. Earning respect for being such a young achiever, a fan club dedicated to her was formed by some of her students, called the "Trepies". Though she may appear calm especially in front of her students, she has an emotional side often shown when she's with someone whom she cares about. Her weapon of choice is a whip, and she also specializes in Blue Magic learned from enemies.

Traits: Genius, Family Oriented, Brave, Unflirty, Workaholic

Quistis is packaged with default skin, and with a moderate amount of custom content to make her look identical. NOTE: None of the CC shown is included.

Skin (default): Primer by Kurasoberina (HD+)
Eyes (contacts): Mouseyblue's Leftover eyes n19 converted by Brntwaffles
Brows: Madame eyebrows by Pralinesims
Hair: Queen of the Ball hair by elexis
Hair (sleepwear): Stealthic Runaway retextured by bellakenobi (Original converted hair here)
Glasses: Simson eyeglasses by tamo
Eyelashes: S-Club eyelash set n2 (needs mesh and eyelash removal mod)
Lips: Ephemera New Year Collection makeup set (Download link is already down, reuploaded here)

Formal: 5th Avenue by TS3 Store, edited by Buckley (I used the standalone version)
Outerwear: Ventrius Trench by Sentate
Shoes: Knee Combat Boots by Lavoieri, Noir Boot by Sentate
Arm Warmers: Steampunk Arm Warmer Fingerless by ekinege

*Everyday (top), sleepwear, and athletic outfits are from the Into the future EP.

To make a Quistis Trepe means using a lot, lot of sliders. Again, these are not included in the download.

Additional Credits:
SimmyRN, k2m1too, Tigerdhyr, pannisim, Lamare, mixa97sr, Crowkeeper, Volvenom, ayumi05, Nemiga, heaven, and CatMuto from the Creator Feedback Forum. Thank you guys for all your help!
sweetdevil, for some amazing finds and reuploads in the WCIF forum
Poses from elexis, kosmokhaos, and noelyely
Squaresoft/Square Enix, for creating such a great game, and a truly adorable character.
Final Fantasy font