Final Fantasy VIII: Sorceress Edea

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2020 at 5:57 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2020 at 9:58 AM - cc links changes
Edea, one of the game's main antagonists, is a sorceress, known to possess strong magic. Her conquest of power will lead her to face SeeD and its members, that may unveil the mystery of her past.

Ambitious, Bookworm, Charismatic, Family oriented, Perfectionist

Edea is packaged with default skin, and most of her outfits only need the base game. Her witch form is only shown in her formal outfit, with the following custom content listed below. (NOTE: none of the cc shown is included)

Skin (default): Primer by Kurasoberina (HD+)
Hair: Alesso Galactic retextured by swirlgoodies
Eyebrows (default): Default brows by Simple Life
Eyes (default): Helaene's November eyes converted by Brntwaffles
Eyes (contacts, in formalwear): Lana contacts by Kurasoberina
Eyeshadow: Sugar eyeshadow by Gosik
Lipstick: Vamp lips by Liegenschonheit
Dress (formal): Color of sunflower 1 by Rusty Nail [download]
Earrings: World Adventures EP
Shoulder pads: Shoulder accessory by Imperialsim
Cape: Tail of Elsa's dress by BEO

Edea is also made with the use of custom sliders listed below.

Head shape by Jonha
Jawline width, brow distance by bella3lek4
Septum width, Jawline height/rotate/soften by aWT
Cheek smooth, lower eyelid crease by gruesim
Cheekbone depth by oneeuromutt
Shape face line by YSstudio
Chin width by GnatGoSplat
Chin to neck slider by Wojtek
Iris/pupil sliders by aWT
Fixed eye mesh by Mahamundo
Brow in/out thick by oneeuromutt
Brows width by oneeuromutt
Eyelid length/width by oneeuromutt
Eyelid height by oneeuromutt
Upper eyelid shape by oneeuromutt
Lower eyelid shape by oneeuromutt
Bridge of nose width by YSstudio
Mouth corners width oneeuromutt

Side notes: As I mentioned earlier, Edea's sorceress/witch form is shown only in her formal outfit. The rest of her outfits is her normal, non-sorceress form (that I also included in the screenshots). Also, if you have Supernatural you may turn her into a witch if you like.

Custom Content by Me:
- Sorceress Edea

Additional Credits:
Square Enix, for Final Fantasy VIII and its characters
Final Fantasy font
Poses by: kosmokhaos, Brainstrip, mia8, noelyely