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Sperm Donors

19,768 Downloads 197 Thanks  Thanks 75 Favourited 33,722 Views
Uploaded: 7th Jul 2020 at 9:54 PM
Updated: 14th Aug 2021 at 1:18 AM
  • Fixed problem with the social plugins related to pets
  • Hopefully made it so that the influence interaction won't push the social

This hack introduces a new social interaction which can be found under the Propose... menu called Request Sperm Donation, which will make your sims pregnant with their child, but on birth the child's second parent will be set to a sim of your choice.

Installing the hack

To install this hack, you need to download four different packages:
  • The social plugin (4 options)
  • The social object (2 options)
  • The parent memory
  • The donor memory (2 options)
To see what all the options are, read on.

Social requirements

In order to use the social interaction, the sim must have 500 simoleons, and the other sim cannot be related to the selected sim by blood, or be the sims' spouse (because honestly that makes no sense). (They can, however, be step-family or an in-law). If you have the extendedfamily hack, you will need to get one of the +extendedfamily versions of the social plugin for it to properly exclude extended family. The potential donor must also be capable of getting the selected sim pregnant through woohoo in your game, which will depend on which pregnancy mods you have installed. Any mod that changes what ages of sim can get pregnant should work with this, so if you have a young adult pregnancy hack, then young adults should be able to use the interaction, if you have a teen pregnancy hack then teens should be able to use the interaction, etc. However, the only hack that changes which genders can get pregnant that will work with this is MidgeTheTree's RCC (available here: https://midgethetree.tumblr.com/pos...-documentation), in which case you will need to download one of the +RCC versions of the social plugin. Otherwise, the hack will just assume that women can get pregnant and men can't. If you want e.g. the effects of PregForAllGenders and still want to use this hack, I recommend getting the RCC and setting the global alien toggle, which will have the same effect as PregForAllGenders, but since it will be the RCC, it will work with this hack. Finally, the social interaction requires 30 lifetime relationship towards the potential donor to show up.

Acceptance of the social

To accept the social, the donor has to have at a minimum, 50 daily relationship and 30 lifetime relationship with the proposer. If the donor also has 50 lifetime relationship, the social will always be accepted. If not (if they have between 30 and 50 lifetime relationship), acceptance depends on the donor's relationship with the proposer's partners. A sim is considered one of the proposer's partners if a) they have married, engaged, or going steady flags with the proposer, or b) if the proposer is in love with them and they live on the same lot. If the donor has between 30 and 50 lifetime relationship with the proposer, then they will accept if they have at least 50 daily relationship with each of the proposer's partners. For partners that have a family relationship with the donor (by blood, by marriage, according to any family hacks you have installed, etc.), the donor only needs to have daily and lifetime relationship greater than zero with them to "approve".

Effect of the social

After the social is accepted, you will be asked to choose a second parent for the baby from among the people that the proposer knows. You can also cancel the dialog to have a baby with no second parent. In the regular social object package the people listed will have to be young adults or older, with the -teens package they can also be teens. The proposer will then pay the donor 500 simoleons, and the donor, the proposer, and the second parent will all get happy memories and proposer will become pregnant with the donor's child. When the child is born, it will be the child of the proposer and the second parent (if you selected one), and give them the memories and want fulfillment, but have genetics from the donor and the proposer. Since the donor's memory has a gendered pronoun in it, I've released a gender-neutral version separately. As with Name the Father, if you use a hack to tell you who the baby's father is it will show the donor and not the second parent, but when the baby is born its father will be the second parent.

Game compatibility

This should be compatible with most game configurations, but it does require at least one EP that is OFB or later.

Hack compatibility

This hack requires my Name the Father mod (found here: https://www.modthesims.info/d/63694...the-father.html) to work properly (load order is not important). If you have extendedfamily and/or the RCC, be sure to get the +extendedfamily and/or +RCC versions of the social plugin. This hack should not conflict with anything, since it consists entirely of self-contained custom objects (all of the actual hack part is covered by Name the Father).

Uninstallation instructions

You can remove the social plugin and social object packages at any time, but if you want to remove the memories you will first need to use SimPE to delete all memories generated by this hack and then open the neighborhood and delete all gossip with the lot debugger.