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Fridge Leftovers Reworked (Updated 12/14/20)

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2020 at 3:07 PM
Updated: 14th Dec 2020 at 6:48 PM - 12/14/2020 update
12/14/20 Update: Attempt to fix errors thrown when cleaning up spoiled leftovers.
12/11/20 Update: Attempt to fix in-world plates occasionally getting stacked on the spoiled dishes when cleaning up spoiled leftovers.
11/03/20 Update: As Nopke suggested, made the clean up spoiled leftovers interaction show the actual stacked dishes you had in your fridge. Also updated the interaction name.

This mod attempts to bring the leftovers system found in TS2 more in line with those from TS3 and TS4. Keep in mind that any leftovers you already had in your save will get wiped upon loading with this mod for the first time.

  • Leftovers now spoil over time while they are in the fridge, although at a slower rate (72 hours, or 3 days, by default)
  • You can't keep an unlimited amount of leftovers in the fridge anymore, now capped at 5 by default.
  • Spoiled leftovers take up space, so you should get rid of them with the new "Clean Up Spoiled Food" fridge interaction.
  • Should work on all fridges that have the Leftovers feature, including CC ones.

Will clash with any mod that replaces the following resources:
BHAVInteraction - Store LeftOvers0x000020950x7F8834C8
BHAVInteraction - Store LeftOvers TEST0x000020960x7F8834C8
BHAVInteraction - Get Leftovers0x0000208B0x7F8834C8
BHAVInteraction - Get Leftovers TEST0x0000208C0x7F8834C8
STR#MakeAction strings0x0000012E0x7F9A5330

Due to some limitations with managing inventories via SimAntics, it will also clash with any mod that add leftovers to the fridge on their own.
You will need Seasons or higher.

  • You can change how long leftovers take to spoil by modifying the BCON entry in "ld_leftovers_tracker.package" with SimPe.
  • You can change how many leftovers you can keep in the fridge at once and the maximum amount of stacked spoiled dishes when cleaning up in "ld_leftovers.package".

Reloading the lot should get rid of any bugged leftovers, but please, let me know (with logs) if you get errors!

Additional Credits:
The creators of SimPe.