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Random Sim Fixes 2.0

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2022 at 1:04 PM
Updated: 22nd Apr 2023 at 8:18 PM
This mod attempts to fix and improve Sim generation and age up, mainly by getting rid of pudding face, with a whole lot of other fixes and improvements.

  • Generated Sims will no longer be pudding faced.
  • Sims won't age up into or generate with future clothing on non-future worlds anymore, and a lot of homeworld inappropriate or costume clothing has been blacklisted (No more elf hats!)
  • Male Sims now have tunable chances to grow facial hair and body hair, both on age up and on Sim generation.
  • Generated Sims will now actually have random voices and voice pitches, rather than all being 50% pitch Voice 1. Sims will also re-roll voice types on age up as more voice types become available to them.
  • Fitness, weight and breast size are now randomized as well, including muscle definition. Muscle definition depends on fitness and weight, with some variation.
  • Sims will no longer generate with green hair colors. Via tuning, you can also make it so that generated Sims randomly pick hair colors that you've saved as presets in CAS.

There are 2 flavors available, same mod, different tuning:
  • "ld_RandomSimFixes.zip" - Default flavor. Hair color for generated Sims is chosen from a preset list.
  • "ld_RandomSimFixes_CustomHair.zip" - Custom hair colors flavor. Hair color for generated Sims is chosen from your custom saved CAS hair color presets.

Just drop the package into your "Documents/Sims 3/Mods/Packages" folder.

You can modify the tuning with S3PE - inside of the package you can find a commented XML with all of the tuning values.

Won't take effect if you already have a core mod that fixes pudding faces - disable this feature in the core mod if possible to have this work.

Special thanks to Simler90, as I've learned about some of these issues thanks to his GameplaySystems core mod.

Update 2.0
  • Fixed Sim voices incorrectly randomizing on age up to young adult or older.
  • Store Future CAS Parts are now filtered out as future clothing.
  • Removed green hair colors for randomly generated Sims.
  • Added body hair generation.
  • Added clothing blacklist.
  • Added ability to utilize custom CAS hair color presets for generated Sims.