Child Ghost NPC Summon Fix

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2021 at 9:25 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2021 at 4:02 PM by BartekStu
Update 15/06/21: Nopke has brought to my attention that Simler90 has a similar fix on their Visitor Mods page which I completely missed! I would recommend Simler's fix over mine as it does not conflict with the Visitor Controller. I have also incorporated off-world checks into this version. Depending on your mod set up you may prefer one or the other.

In an unmodded game, if a child is present on the lot that is also not currently in the family or sleeping over, the game will schedule a parent from that child's family to collect them when it gets too late. This is a pretty neat feature!

The problem is that there was never a check added that verified whether or not the child was a ghost or not. How is this relevant? Well, dead Sims have a family value of 0x000, that is, Default... the same family where all object NPCs live.

When a child ghost haunts a lot, pretty obviously at night, the game would attempt to schedule an adult from that child's family (0x000) and end up spawning the Witch Doctor, the Bigfoot template, Toddler New Year, and all sorts of default NPCs onto your lot. This is not a good thing, especially as being ghosts, the kids can't ever be collected, inevitably leading to the default NPC getting scared at some point, and now you have a default NPC whose queue is cleared roaming your lot.

This mod fixes that by adding a check to the function which schedules the parent. The check verifies whether the child Sim is dead or in family 0x000, and if it is, it never allows the game to schedule a parent for that Sim. This means you can now safely have graves/urns of child Sims on your lot without ever worrying about Default NPCs showing up on your lot. Hooray!(?)

To install the fix, pop it in your Downloads folder. If you feel compelled to remove it, do the reverse.

Requires Bon Voyage or higher. I believe this also means the fix is Mac compatible.

Mod Conflicts
There is a conflict with Midge the Tree's (and possibly also the standard) version of the Visitor Controller, so if you have that mod I recommend you load this mod second, otherwise it won't work.

I also recommend you download Early Pleasantview's Repaired Child Ghost Animation. Otherwise, your child ghosts will sort of teleport around the lot. That might be your cup of tea, as it is slightly creepier, but if not - check out the fix!

Technical Information
This mod alters BHAV 0x102C in group 0x7F92C86E, "Kid Collection - Check for Kid Collection".

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