MoonFruit Skinblend Defaults + Customs

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2021 at 12:48 PM
Updated: 21st Jun 2021 at 8:42 PM
Introducing the MoonFruit Skinblend! I kind of started this on a whim since I couldn't find a skinblend I was 100% happy with. It was an ordeal, but I think I'm happy with the end result.

I basically wanted something close to maxis-match, but with a body shading style more similar to what we have in The Sims 4 or some of the more semi-realistic skins out there, as well as more distinct fitness textures.

This skinblend comes with the 5 default shades (s1-4 + alien) and 5 custom shades (two light shades, two dark shades, sims 4 blue, and genie). The custom shades aren't geneticized or townified since I'm still a bit new to that, and I figure people might want to configure their own values anyways.

I've also made replacements for the eyes plus an extra alien eye texture with human colored scleras.

(Sorry, no werewolf skins yet . Painting these alone was quite a bit of work and I'm just not in the mood to paint fur rn, haha.)

Also be sure to check the README, since there?s two different versions of the Zombie skin depending on what EPs you have.

I also recommend getting Argon's Skin Fix so Alien and Zombie skins update properly at different fitness levels.,7803.0.html

Additional Credits:
lilith-sims (No textures taken, but I referenced the teeth proportions on her Honey skinblend for mine)

falkii, squeamishsims, and alfred askew (Referenced the iris size + alfred?s sclera positions from lilith's beetle eyes 4t2 conversion)