The Grove Apartments

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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2021 at 10:45 PM
The Grove Apartments

Both these houses (they function as apartments in the game) have three bedrooms, with the master bedroom being en suite. The apartment on the left has an open plan living/dining/kitchen area whilst the one on the right has a Kitchen diner and separate lounge; it also boasts a family room on the first floor. The apartment on the left has a nursery. If you want the high chair to function as it is placed in-game you will need to download the accessible highchair mod by Lamare, otherwise move it so that the sims can access it face on.

I have included a residential and apartment version of this build. They are both the same except the apartment version does not have stairs down to the garden area from the balcony because I couldn't get it to convert to apartments with them in place. Also there are no gates to the garden. I have also used an in-game fence for this version as well (the CC fence wouldn't allow me to convert it to apartments).

These are clean versions ? no sims have been on them

The plants are placed off-grid so I suggest you use a gardening mod or replace them all with plastic versions.

I hope you enjoy playing with these

Garages and cars on apartment lots
If you want your apartment tenant to own a car please place it in the garage before you move your tenant in. The Cars on driveway pieces are community property - anyone can drive them. The Garage doors do not function as regular doors on apartment lots (like they do on house lots.) but they do 'belong' to the connected apartment door. The cars inside the garages will teleport to the road as there are no driving animations through the garage door so, it doesn't matter if the garage is blocked in by another car or not.

Highchair mod lamare

Gardening mods
dickhurt @ MTS

Custom Content not Included
Backless bath and shower HugeLunatice
Upright column black HugeLunatic
Shower curtain klaartje
White Transcendence frame klaartje
Open underneath steadfast stairs crocobaura
Apartment door moune999
Short mortar brick wall black michelle
Stockade fence design 10 Cooldadx4
Invisible driveway sophie-david
Transcendence Recoloured paintings Images Karen Lorraine
Fruitilicious Paintings Karen Lorraine
Pretty Floral Curtains Karen Lorraine
Ikea Inspired (bedding) Karen Lorraine

Residential Price: $176,102
Apartment Rent: $3716 - $6224

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price (furnished): $3,716 - $6224

Additional Credits:
Mootilda Grid Adjuster