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Tradition Trait Updater

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2022 at 12:18 AM
Updated: 26th Jan 2022 at 7:07 PM
Edit 26/01/2022: KiaraSims's traditions have been added to the Custom Trads file, and the vast majority of her Hobby and Lifestyle traits have been added to both files. The former particularly has also necessitated working in some other custom traits not previously covered.

Edit 23/01/2022: Managed to correct some other string placements so that it's more obvious why some traditions are loved or ignored. Further, added a ! in front of the package files so that all of the custom traditions are sufficiently overridden; place in the main mods folder rather than a subfolder for best results.

Edit 22/01/2022: Found where some errant Pride tradition strings had gotten to and worked them back in.

This mod is very much a snowball effect - it started when chingyu1023 shared the tuning IDs for their various custom traits, and it occurred to me that I could use them to refine the holiday traditions in the game to match some of said custom traits... and then I decided that I might as well do the same for other custom traits that I use... and then I figured custom traditions could also use a li'l refinement, and the rest is history. So essentially, this contains a bunch of Tradition Tunings with a bunch more traits taken into account than they had previously.

Both package files account for these traits:
* Chingyu's Seasons trait pack
* Chingyu's Faithfulness System and trait pack
* Some of Chingyu's Metabolism traits
* Kuttoe's Hobby traits
* Kuttoe's Spa Day traits
* Kuttoe's Traits by Scarlet
* Pimpmysims4's University Trait Pack
* NateTheL0ser's Antivaxxer Add-on
* My Eating Disorder Traits
* My Deafness Traits
* My Heir and Spare Traits (Custom Trads only, I believe)
* My Rainbow Baby Trait
* Eunola's Anorexia Trait
* Eunola's ASPD Trait
* Eunola's Bulimia Trait
* Eunola's PTSD Trait
* YourFalseHope's Autism Spectrum Disorder Trait
* YourFalseHope's Bipolar Disorder Trait
* YourFalseHope's Blind Trait
* YourFalseHope's BPD Trait
* YourFalseHope's Cowplant Lover Trait
* YourFalseHope's Electronica Artist Trait
* YourFalseHope's Fibromyalgia Trait
* YourFalseHope's Hopeless Romantic Trait
* YourFalseHope's Intersex Trait
* YourFalseHope's Major Depressive Disorder Trait, both flavours
* YourFalseHope's PTSD Trait
* YourFalseHope's Schizoaffective Disorder Trait
* YourFalseHope's Set Sexuality Romantic Traits, specifically Aromantic, Greyromantic, and Asexual
* YourFalseHope's Spoiled Trait
* YourFalseHope's SBD Trait
* Snowiii95's Dramatic and Loves Toys Traits
* Simularity's Agoraphobia Trait
* Simularity's Bipolar Disorder Trait
* Srsela's Sweet Tooth Trait
* Basemental's ADHD, Clubber and Straight Edge traits (won't link here for obvious reasons)
* KiaraSims's Hobby traits (with the exception of Makeup Lover until a tradition can be found for it)
* KiaraSims's Lifestyle traits (with the exception of King and Queen)

The '+ Custom Traditions' file accounts for these traditions:
* Simularity's Paranormal, Night Out, Island Living and Snowy Escape traditions
* Caradriel's Spooky Day traditions
* The Couple's Anniversary tradition folded into Caradriel's Romantic Wishes pack
* Frogalwen's Cottage Living traditions
* PimpMySims4's Pride Spirit tradition
** This also adds the LGBT traits folded into that mod, as well as YourFalseHope's other Set Sexuality traits beyond those already included
* YourFalseHope's Celebrate Pride tradition
* adeepindigo's Health Day tradition from Healthcare Redux
* adeepindigo's Voting Holiday tradition
* ThePiedPiper's Soap Making and Soap Selling traditions from the Soap Making mod
* Basemental's two traditions (won't link here for obvious reasons)
* The traditions tied to LittleMsSam's Social Activities
* The Ding Dong Ditch tradition tied to lot51's Smart Doorbell
* KiaraSims's assorted traditions

Whew, hope that's covered all of it! If there are any traits or traditions you want me to incorporate into these, please let me know! I'm thinking of doing another version that replaces trait-weighting with likes and dislikes weighting (so if you like Baking you'll love the Baking tradition, for instance), so let me know if you'd like to see that as well. At time of writing, the likes-and-dislikes version of this is in the moderation queue, albeit without the Kiara elements, so stand by for that!