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Dale Heir/Spare Traits

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2021 at 2:33 PM
Updated: 8th Dec 2021 at 11:10 AM
Update 08/12/2021: Changed some buffs in the Mood Pack version to reflect some recently-added moods.

Update 04/11/2021: Confirmed to be all clear with this week's patch!

Update 24/10/2021: Remember how I said this was going to be comparatively simple?
  • In addition to abdicating heirship (which has been renamed from abdicating Responsibility), spares now have the chance to advocate for heirship themselves! In addition, only Children and Teens are capable of switching to the other side, so to speak, and each may only do so once.
  • Advocated Spares and Promoted Heirs will now have special traits - they look identical to the existing ones, but there are differences in buffs and accessible interactions...
  • Additional interactions have been added...
  • ...including Choose Heir. Only Heirs who are YA and older are capable of doing this as of current; once they have picked a successor they gain a new trait: Former Heir. This then gives them access to two Timed Buffs when interacting with their heirs and another new interaction in turn.
  • All interactions tied to these traits now have their own submenu, Heirship!
  • For now, the traits earned when growing up with certain character values have been removed from Heir/Spare-stance requirements, until I can work out how to properly integrate their actual statistics into the test sets.

Next on the docket: aforementioned statistic work-out, and interactions to the world at large instead of just intra-trait, as well as any bug fixes that may need to come about. Also, might consider making advocation and abdication not autonomous actions - or might not, depends how people feel.


After the mess that my last two trait packs have been to maintain, I decided to keep it comparatively simple - for now - with this one (and the next, on which more anon). Simmers who play legacies have to keep a track of a lot of spares and heirs per generation, and what better way to do so than in game?

Heir and Spare function as reward traits, costing 100SP apiece; a Sim can only have one or the other. Abdicated, Promoted and Former Heir are exclusively earned through interactions.

  • All Spares can Tease the Heir and welcome heirs that abdicated heirship to 'the dark side'. Spares that were not formerly heirs can also comfort/commiserate with other Spares and ask to become heir themselves.
  • All Heirs can Tease the Spare. Heirs that have not yet done so can also celebrate double heirship with other heirs and abdicate their heirship to their parents; Heirs that were formerly spares can gloat about their heirship to their spares.
  • Former Heirs can give heirly advice to their successors.
  • Heirs cause Spares to have one of three (or two if demoted) proximity buffs around them, depending on the Spare's trait composition.

This trait does not currently affect autonomy or need decay, nor does it currently have any whims or statistic multipliers. If there is anything that you feel needs adding, please let me know!