[TS2] Victoria Chase (Life is Strange)

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Here’s the queen bee…

Victoria Maribeth Chase (Dani Knights/Akari Higuchi) (born 14 August 1995) is a student at Blackwell Academy and the tertiary antagonist of Life is Strange (2015).

Victoria is one of Mark Jefferson’s art students, and often puts down students who she sees as lower than herself, usually Max Caulfield and Kate Marsh. The truth is that Victoria envies Max. She thinks that she’s cool, and would even like to hang out with her, which can be seen in the alternate timeline in Episode 3. Her closest friends are Nathan Prescott, and her “faithful minions” Taylor Christensen and Courtney Wagner, who often hang out with her and join her in bullying others; Taylor is also in Mr. Jefferson’s class.

Victoria has a reputation at Blackwell for being arrogant and snobbish. She likes to stay on top of fashion with her designer wardrobe, and likes to flash state-of-the-art cameras and electronic devices wherever she goes. This makes her a source of envy for Max. Her vanity is captured in her endless selfies and the massive triptych of herself displayed above her bed. She is also quite dramatic; she goes postal even when water gets on her cashmere. Behind her image of glamour and superiority, though, is a vulnerable young woman who admits that she overcompensates, most likely due to the brutal competition in the arts, or the fact that her parents own a prestigious art gallery in her home-town of Seattle.

It is implied that Victoria has Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD), hence her attention-seeking, seductive, and exaggerated behaviours.