Max Caulfield and Chloe Price (Life is Strange)

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Max Caulfield

”Time to be an everyday hero.”

Maxine “Max” Caulfield (born 21 September 1995) (Hannah Telle/Kumi Tanaka) is the protagonist of Life is Strange (2015).

Max is a photography student in her final year at Blackwell Academy, and is new in the 2013/14 academic year. She grew up in Arcadia Bay, moved to Seattle in 2008, and is now back in Arcadia Bay for studying. She is quiet and geeky, and would rather observe than participate, resulting in many of the other students seeing her as careless and a cloudcuckoolander. In spite of this, she does have some friends at Blackwell, mainly art classmate Kate Marsh, and science geek Warren Graham.

However, Max also has some foes at Blackwell. “Queen bee” Victoria Chase bullies her, along with her “mean girls,” as a façade to conceal her jealousy and admiration of Max. She also locks horns with rich kid Nathan Prescott from time to time.

While others (particularly Victoria) prefer top-of-the-line cameras and equipment, Max is quite old-school, and prefers to take her pictures with a Polaroid camera. Many of her Polaroids are visible on the photo wall in her bedroom.

According to her student record, Max is attentive and has a lot of potential to excel in photography.

One seemingly normal Monday, Max discovers that he has the ability to rewind time, and later learns that she can do so by transporting through her Polaroids. On that same day, she re-unites with her old friend and matey Chloe Price, who helps Max to become more confident as things go on.

Chloe Price

”Everybody pretends to care until they don’t.”

Chloe Elizabeth Price (born 11 March 1994) (Ashly Burch/Lynn) is the deuteragonist of Life is Strange (2015).

Chloe is nothing short of a rebel. She is rebellious, but also outgoing. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind or take risks. There are times when she is insensitive to other people’s feelings and wants to take up all of people’s attention. There are suggestions that she has abandonment issues and severe bitterness, brought on by her father William’s death, her best friend Max’s move to Seattle, and her later best friend Rachel’s sudden disappearance. Chloe exhibits a very negative outlook on life and seems to lash out at it for taking so much from her. There are also suggestions that she has previously fought depression, and has insomnia and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Chloe attended Blackwell, but ended up dropping out, a shame for a girl who was smart enough to get in. It can be put down to a mix of things, including against authority figures, and a lack of responsibility, ambition, and control in her life.

Her home life is strained. She often causes her mother Joyce grief, and as for her relationship with her stepfather David Madsen, hostile doesn’t even begin to cover it. Joyce keeps hoping that her daughter will improve.

Chloe has never been short of enemies; her and Nathan Prescott have some history.

In spite of this, she has had some kindred friendships. During childhood, she and bestie Max would often pretend to be pirates. She feels abandoned after Max leaves for Seattle, and still holds some bitterness when they reunite five years later. Despite this, she hopes to rekindle their relationship. The extend of this depends on the player’s choices. During that five-year period, Rachel became Chloe’s rock - her “angel” – and gained Chloe’s trust. It got to the point where they wanted to leave Arcadia Bay to fulfil their Santa Monica dream, but it never happened.

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