Sean Diaz (Life is Strange 2)

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Sean Eduardo Diaz (Gonzalo Martin/Yohei Hamada) (born 15 August 2000) is the protagonist of Life is Strange 2 (2018-2019).

Sean is a sensitive but artistic 16-year-old. He has a strong relationship with his father Esteban and younger brother Daniel; he shows a lot of love and respect for his father, whereas he sometimes finds himself annoyed by his younger brother, but is very protective of him. His relationship with his mother Karen, however, was destroyed when she abandoned the family years ago. His best friend is Lyla Park, who often brings out his fun-loving side.

The most striking part of Sean is his passion for drawing; he draws religiously in his sketchbook, presumably gifted to him by his father. As shown in the game, his sketches are often observations, or portraits of people who are important to him.

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