Novel Royalty Fixes

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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2022 at 7:51 AM
Updated: 30th Jul 2022 at 5:33 PM
This mod fixes various problems with novel royalties:
  • When there's no landline phone on a lot or no one has picked up a phone call from a publishing house, a dialog appears as if someone has answered the phone, and the royalty is paid out. Originally, in such cases, no dialog appears and money is lost.
  • The real author of a novel correctly gets memories and fulfills their wants regarding writing novels or earning money, and increases their personal wealth.
    • In the base game, the one who has answered the phone gets considered an author. It has been fixed in expansion and stuff packs, however, receiving the Sold a Great Novel memory prevented money-related wants or memories and a personal wealth income from being handled.
  • In the delayed version, a publishing house will try to call at least 12 hours after a Sim has finished their novel. Hours do not count between 10:00 PM and 5:59 AM.
    • E.g. when a Sim has finished their novel at 7:30 AM, then the phone calls (or a dialog appears) at 7:30 PM on the same day. But when they have finished at 7:30 PM, then it happens at 5:30 PM next day.
Use only one version at a time.

Known issues
If an author of a novel dies or moves out before getting their royalty, then no one will get it and no dialog will appear.

Do not use this mod with Sell Great Novel Personal Wealth Fix by Midge the Tree – my mod is basically an extended version of it.

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