The «Old Farm» House — 3.5BR, 2ba

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2022 at 3:02 PM
This house is built on the Veronaville Old Farm lot. All the pre-buildings on this lot are saved.

Look at this old house! Wait, you can say that it's not old, but it was refurnished and designed by a simHydro building company! Now this house is fully applicable to live. So, why you wouldn't to play with your family at this house?
There's so much space — your sims can grow up their own the healthiest and delicious vegetables or fruits!
The maximum sim capacity is 5 sims — one of them is toddler.

Cost: Furnished — 123,065§
Size: 40x60 (4x5)

Also, this is my first house that I uploaded to the web. I want to re-upload it here too