Sunset Valley updated for EPs. [No CC, EA Match lots]

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2022 at 10:30 AM
NB: Installation is via SAVE FILES. Not packages. Please unzip contents of download to [...]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves . To play, launch your game like usual and load "Sunset Valley - ALL EP".

This save file is "day-0", all families will be present as if the game was booted up vanilla. No time has passed. All descriptions for lots, sims, etc., will be in English per my game settings.

Sunset Valley updated with a very light touch!

If you're anything like me, Sunset Valley (SV) reigns supreme for nostalgia in TS3. Unfortunately, booting SV up from the main menu will cause the game to place lots which are specific to later EPs in ways that make no logical sense: they are rotated at odds to the road, the colour pallets don't suit SV, or the location simply doesn't make sense (e.g. windowless warehouse on the beach - this is unlikely in real life.)

Instead of periodically having to adjust SV every time I install TS3 on a new PC, I figure I would spend a weekend updating the lots I wanted included to suit SV and upload for posterity and convenience!

My self-imposed rules were as follows:
  • Use EA default lots included with subsequent EPs for that "Maxis Match" look.
  • Use a CAST to suit textures to those already present in SV, using a light-touch and preferring default where possible.
  • Keep lot placement logical - Supernatural haunts are on the outskirts, Fortune Teller is off the beaten-path, etc.
  • Do not place new lots via 'edit world' (for the purposes of this upload) - to avoid any possible routing issues. This means that I have not included dive lots, docks, beach-side resorts. But these are possible with minor work.

Other recommended additions: