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Friday Theater Variety - Make symphonies and plays happen more often

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2022 at 12:30 PM
Updated: 13th Dec 2022 at 2:01 AM
If any of your Sims have ever been musically inclined, you may have seen them wish to attend a play, or perhaps a symphony. But getting to actually attend one, has been easier said than done, since with the game's default values in a single-theater world, there's statistically one play every 6 weeks (and the same frequency for symphonies).

This mod aims to make it significantly easier to find a Friday night concert, symphony, or play, providing more variety for theater rabbitholes and making it easier to fulfill Sims' music-related wishes; especially since it doesn't seem like the game ever implemented theater concerts/plays on Saturdays/Sundays, despite what the game's tooltips and config files claim.

Note that even with this mod, it'd speed up the frequency of each of the three events to place additional theaters in a world.

———File in GameplayData.package that has been modified———
• Theatre_0xe16f1c0c8d45c37c

———Values changed———
• kPercentChanceForPlay: 15 → 35
• kPercentChanceForSymphony: 15 → 35
• kPercentChanceForConcert 15 → 30

• A few theater rabbitholes appear to never offer concerts, symphonies, nor plays, even when using this mod. Captain Jack's Theater (included with Sunlit Tides) seems to be affected by this.
• The mod does not currently increase the chance of stadium rabbitholes' concerts.