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Gorilla Glass Phones

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2024 at 4:52 AM
Updated: 8th Jun 2024 at 4:09 AM
The smartphones that were introduced in The Sims 3: University Life have a tendency to slip, fall and crack if the Sim even looked at their phones funny, resulting in pretty ugly cracking patterns that phones would've been expected to not get particularly often, and which'd look almost scarily ugly when a Sim would post a manual blog post. This gamemod fixes all of that.

This gamemod sets up a 3-approach system to prevent phones from cracking:
• (When the phone has cracked but the player doesn't want to repair it out of spite) The images and layers that enforce the crack patterns have simply been removed altogether. I feel particularly proud of this part of the gamemod.
• (When the phone has cracked but the player doesn't want to spend §150) The repair price has now been set to §0.
• (When the phone is entirely intact) The chances of the phone dropping during "Stream Video" or "Browse Web" is now 0%, having previously been an unfairly high 5% during each action.


File changes:
• (ATLAS_HUDInventoryPanel_00, ATLAS_BlogAppDialog_00, ATLAS_SocialGroupsUI_00, ATLAS_SmartPhoneApp_Template_00, smartphone_panel_cracks, and smartphone_screencrack) The crack patterns have been removed with PaintNET, and OptiPNG was ran on the image files as well.
• (Phone+BrowseTheWeb_0x68a640bcbf7862f7, Phone+StreamVideo_0xeb61d4e18f086119, and PhoneSmart+StreamVideo_0x30a4d4b670a1a994) "kChanceToDrop": 0.05 > 0
• (Phone+RepairPhone_0x7ddb0ac77ac35fbd) "kCostToRepairPhone": 150 > 0


• Note about screenshots: It'd make pretty much no sense to show screenshots of a phone that looks completely normal, thus there was only one screenshot in this gamemod's listing. Given the small sizes of the aspects that could be screenshot, I could also just barely reach the 800x600px minimum requirement before the visual aspects would've become too small to see in a thumbnail.
• The Future Phone introduced in Into the Future is immune to being cracked even without gamemods.
• Note to players in the far future, from the 2030's onwards, just in case the meaning of the title would become obsolete: "Gorilla Glass" was an industry-standardised and pretty much globally established everyday term in the late 2010's, for touchscreen phones that were considered to be less prone to cracking when falling down on a floor than what the case was for earlier phone screens.