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"FINE, I'll do it MYSELF!" -- Neat Children can Clean the House

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2024 at 9:43 AM
I'm running a 100 Baby Challenge and couldn't afford a maid... what to do? Put the kids to work instead!

A very simple tuning mod -- if children have the Neat trait, they can now have the "Clean the House," option pop up when you click anywhere on the lot, as Teens/YA/Adult/Elder sims do. They still can't clean some objects, so if the action keeps cancelling, it could be Child sims aren't coded to be able to do it (I suspect like with putting on laundry) but all others should work fine.

I've not seen any model stretching or problems yet, so please let me know if you do. Just install in Packages folder.

They also now seem to be able to roll the "Clean the house," want as in the screenshots; if I notice anything else different, I'll update the description.