The Ultimate Icon Collection

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2022 at 11:43 PM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2022 at 5:26 PM
So I've recently given making custom careers a go and my favourite part is picking the icon that goes with it! However, there are a LOT of icons and no order to them whatsoever, your apples with your showers, your dogs with your easels. So in a fit of madness, I decided to catalogue them.

All of them.

The Ultimate Icon Collection are in game icons, moodlet, and challenge badges sourced from various places around the web, resized and categorised into thumbnails for your careers that are simple to identify and find. This is mainly a tool for modders so they can utilise these images more easily when creating mods/cc, but that's not a rule - these are for everyone to use as they like!

There are 86 categories with everything meticulosly renamed, so if you search the key word in the folder title - say "food," or "vampire," you'll be able to search the entire folder for vampire or food related items as opposed to wading through thousands of icons. Some are named the same as their respective moodlet or achievement, but I've tried to name them to what they display visually to make searching easier.

The categories are as follows:

Adventuring, archaeology
After school Activities
Alchemy, elixirs
Animals, small pets, birds
Awards, trophies, medals, rosettes
Awkward, creepy socials
Babies, maternity, children, family
Bedroom furniture, beds, sleep
Bins, recycling, eco friendly, environment
Blanks (the templates used when making careers)
Breakups, cheating, enemies, rejection
Cars, vehicles, bikes, boats
Cats, cat objects
Chairs, sofas
Cinema, Acting career, film
Cleaning, maid, dirty objects
Community spaces, group games, playground objects, sports
Computers, laptops, PC
Cooking skill, kitchen
Corporate, career, job
Danger, emergencies
Dogs, dog objects
Drinks, Nectar Making skill, Mixology skill
Education, studying, school
Exclamation marks, question marks, idea symbols
Fantasy, royalty, monsters
Fireplaces, campfires, flames, candles
Fishing skill
Flowers, plants, trees, rocks, herbs, mushrooms
Gardening skill, seeds, bugs, gathering
Gems, jewellery, watches, metals, Artisan skill
Ghosts, graveyard, death
Goth, emo, rebellion
Gym, exercise, Martial Arts skill, Athletic skill
Handiness skill, broken objects, small objects for the house
Homes, houses, windows, doors
Horses, horse objects
Insects, butterflies
Interior Design
Inventing skill, Simbots
Journalism, newspapers, radio, magazines
Magician, acrobat, performance
Medical, body parts, injuries, illness
Military, police
Misc faces and emotions
Money, sales
Music, pop star, bands, instruments, singing, dancing
Negativity, bad luck
Ocean, water, sea creatures, pools, beach
Painting skill, paintings, art
Parties, birthdays, prom, gifts
Photography skill, photos, camera
Positivity, luck, kindness
Romance, love
Salon, beauty, makeup, Day Spa
Science skill, science objects
Sculpting skill, sculptures, decor
Shops, buildings, places in town
Space, aliens, astronomy
Street Art skill, Rebel
Swimming, Scuba Diving skill, sailing, Lifeguard career
Technology, mobile phones, Social Networking skill
Theatre, acting
Time travel
Toys, pranks
Travel, scenery
TVs, video games
Weather, seasons, festivals
Wedding, marriage
Writing skill, books

Images have been sourced from various places; most of the icons have come from as provided by MissyHissy. The Into the Future icons were very kindly sent to me by MissPat, and the challenge badge/achievement icons, as well as a handful of trait icons, favourite foods, and other miscellaneous bits from the SimsVIP guides. To be clear, I do not claim to have made these icons or any ownership over them, all I've done is simply sorted, resized, and renamed them for ease of access.

This is also not a final pack, as I wasn't able to source all expansion guides, so undoubtedly some challenge badges are missing. I'm certain I don't have moodlets from the Store content included either, as well as various other miscellaneous bits and pieces, so if anyone would like to send them to me to add to the collection, please do if you have them lurking around somewhere! Furthermore, I've done my best to mitigate typos and duplicates, but if you spot any, do let me know.

Additional credits
MissyHissy for sending me the bulk of the icons, MissPat for the Into the Future icons and the idea for trawling through the guides, and the folks at SimsVIP for the guides.

Everyone on the Discord server for all their wonderful support, and Kawab for his feedback regarding the header image!