Lavender Lodge (1 bd, 1 ba)

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2021 at 9:35 AM
Updated: 31st Dec 2021 at 1:23 PM
Lavender Lodge is a cute, affordable starter home for your young adults. Maybe they're fresh out of high school and keen to make their own way, or perhaps they've just graduated and are looking to start their own family? It might be small, but there's plenty of space to grow and your family to run around in, whether that's dogs, kids, or adults after a hard day at work

My first Lot upload and it's a cute little house for all your sims who aren't multimillionaires One thing that bugs me about most neighbourhoods is that while one bedroom houses are cheap and affordable, anything above that is priced ridiculously high on tiny lots, so I decided to change that! Lavender Lodge is a small house on a big lot, meaning there's lots of room for expansion should you decide to expand.

Features include:
- One master bedroom
- One bathroom (including shower over bath)
- Open plan living room, kitchen, and dining room which has the best of both worlds; walled off for privacy but opened up with an archway as opposed to a door, which gives you a spacious looking pair of rooms.
- One study that could easily be converted into a second bedroom
- Little patio area complete with comfy bench and BBQ
- Fenced in vegetable garden, complete with plants

Lot size: 50x50
Lot price:
Furnished: §29,609
Unfurnished: §20,041

Expansions/Stuff Packs required: None to make the lot work, however I have used a various assortment of furniture and styles from most of them, so please bear in mind that some objects may be missing if you don't have the requisite in game files. No CC or Store Objects have been used.

This was originally made for Chantrelle Riffin (hence why she's in some of the photos) but please be assured the Sims3Pack is a clean, unused lot with no sims having used it.