Maxis "Lost & Found" #25: 'Race Car' kid bedroom set - *FOR ANY GAME!* - *UPD 02-jan-07*

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2006 at 6:14 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2007 at 1:47 PM - MAJOR UPDATE! Entire set now available for ANY GAME!
Maxis "Lost & Found" #25
*For ANY GAME! GLS is NO MORE required!*

  • Since Maxis released this set on the Exchange, making it available for anyone (not only for GLS owners), I've completely rebuilt the entire set, making it usable in any game, including the base-game only. In other words, GLS IS NO LONGER REQUIRED!
  • The updated items include the "official" catalog descriptions recently provided by Maxis.
  • The Desk released by Maxis now has a drawer cabinet; I liked the no-cabinet desk, so I decided to release a special Desk version with an optional cabinet: you choose whether you want it or not! See animated screenshot below.
  • Unlike the "official" Maxis release, this set contains all the recolours for all the objects.
  • Base-game and pre-FFS users can finally have the rug, the small armoire and the small dresser!
  • Hopefully, this reworked set should solve any problem related to missing objects from the catalog; I've personally tested ALL the objects in my base-game (using the BaseGameStarter), and they all work perfectly.
  • Fixed a bug of the ToyBox: now your sims can correctly put away the toys and join other sims already playing; pre-FFS users need THIS GLOBAL FIX in order to make it work! Read the explanations and the game requirements in the said thread.

The file "MaxisLost_RaceCarSet_ALL-GAMES.rar" contains the entire set, that works in any game, including Pets. But the standard bed isn't usable by pets, so I provided a special PETS version of the bed in the file "MaxisLost_RaceCarSingleBed_PETS.rar". Use the Pets version only in a Pets game!

The new files have the same names and GUIDs of the older ones, so they will overwrite the previous versions.


02 OCT 2006: UPDATE - Some users couldn't see the Bed in the catalog. Download the new version to fix the problem (thanks DementedMom for testing). If you never had problems with the Bed, you don't need to redownload.

18 SEPT 2006: UPDATE - Some users couldn't see the End Table and the Toy Box in the catalog. Download the new version to fix the problem (thanks Xianah for testing).
Warning: the new End Table and the new Toy Box are not compatible with the previous versions: if you didn't have any problem, you don't need to re-download (if you do, your endtables and toyboxes will revert to other Maxis objects, and you have to sell and re-buy them)
18 SEPT 2006: UPDATE - The "Collection" file now includes also the new versions, and a *new themed icon*, too. Icon

11 SEPT 2006: FIX - No more flashing blue clothings in the armoire.
Thanks to Haveloc for having tracked down and fixed the bug.

05 SEPT 2006: FIX - Now all the items are correctly recolourable + Fixed flashing blue bed

This is probably the most sensational "Maxis Lost & Found" ever
Hidden in the Glamour Life Pack there was an entire "lost" set, composed by:
  • Single bed
  • End table
  • 2x1 rug
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Small armoire
  • Small dresser
  • Wall-hanging flags
  • Table lamp
  • Toy box

The whole set is recolourable and comes in 4 colours (red, blue, purple and white); some items have an additional "chequered" recolour. Only the end table comes in only 1 colour (it's just a pile of tires... ); but anyway I managed to make it recolourable.

All these items require Glamour Life Stuff to work.

Installation: just extract the rar to your Downloads folder. For your convenience, I've prepared also a "Collection" to hold together all the 'Race Car' items. The "Collection" file must be extracted and put into your "Collection" folder, NOT in the Downloads!

CREDITS: all the meshes and textures are by Maxis; I've created the packages, rebuilding the missing items and fixing the existing files, so to make the objects buyable from the catalog.