Lycanthrope (Werewolf) Blood & Vampire Blood [Update] 12-30-06

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Uploaded 5th Nov 2006 at 1:17 AM · Updated 18th Apr 2012 at 12:07 AM by CyberBob78 : Updating Status


To Install:
Extract to your Downloads Folder

You will find them in the "Hobbies \ Misc" Category.

To Un-Install:
Delete the package from your Downloads Folder


Below you will find 4 files.
This will turn you into a Lycanthrope (Werewolf).
Note: This apparently stacks with Vampire also.
Also note that you are only a Werewolf between 8PM - 6AM.
Maxis made it this way and I like it, so I don't plan to even try to bust this coding.
Please don't message me saying that it isn't working
unless you have let at least 2 full sim days pass.
(Pets Required)
This will turn you into a Vampire.
I made this back when NightLife came out.
I never shared it because I had seen similar downloads out there.
I have updated this to include animations and fixed a couple bugs.
(Nightlife Required)

Note: Both Bloods do have Unique GUIDs ...
So they should not conflict with other hacks. CEP Not required. Wants \ Fears & Memories Active.
Cures Lycanthropy (Werewolf)
Cures Vampirism

Note: There is no need to download the cures ...
Unless you want them to be accessible from the catalog.
You can buy the cures from the Fortune Teller.
The Pet Breeder can cure Lycanthropy also.
It's simply a Maxis extracted object.
I knew someone would ask me to extract these eventually.
I'm sure other people have extracted these by now also.
It just seemed proper to include them with the diseases.
I also included these in my Collection.
You should check it out. It has ALL of the Maxis unlocked objects.
[Link coming as soon as I can find the Collections area on MTS2, it seems to have disapeared]


I would like to give Monique a Special Thanks. ::HUG::

I made most everything myself (Textures, etc) ...
But Monique was nice enough to let me use her BHAVs.
I did remake them, but her BHAVs were a HUGE help.
Her Werewolf Transformer Hack is what gave me the idea in the 1st place.

[11-4-06] Update: It looks like she made a couple potions
for her Hacked Computer while I was still testing mine ... LOL.
Check out her Hacked Computer Here:

The are a couple differences between mine and hers:
The animations, textures and descriptions, maybe more.
Her werewolf potion doesn't have the animations (yet).
Also, my potions can be bought from the catalog,
Hers are only available through her computer.


This is CyberBob transforming into a Werewolf.
Note: Your sim will not actually transform until 8PM and will change back to human at 6AM.


This is CyberBob as a Werewolf
(After drinking the Lycanthrope Blood)


This is CyberBob playing with his new friend.


This is CyberBob as a Vampire
(After drinking the Vampire Blood)


This is CyberBob as a Werewolf And a Vampire
(After Drinking both Bloods)


Sorry the images are so dark. It was night time of course.
Werewolves love the moon and Vampires hate the sun.
I did try to brighten them, but they just end up turning blue.
I didn't bother posting a Vampire transformation image.
I think we've all seen it by now.

I consider these objects to be finished,
but if you happen to find a bug, please let me know.

[11-11-06] Translation Updates:

Lycanthrope Blood Supported Languages:
English (US)
Polish Translation (Thanks Blutsauger)
German Translation (Thanks sabinenaumann)

Vampire Blood Supported Languages:
English (US)
Polish Translation (Thanks Blutsauger)
German Translation (Thanks sabinenaumann)


Distribution Policy:
For ALL of my creations ...
Please get my permission to host them anywhere else. NO PAY SITES!
For recolors, please just ask me 1st.
Usually as long as you are willing to share your recreations with me,
I'm willling to let people alter my creations. Just ask me 1st.

Don't be shy, I always encourage Questions \ Feedback.
Even if it's just about a typo (Please PM for typos)

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