HoodName Cemetary

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2006 at 12:20 PM
Updated: 29th Nov 2008 at 7:56 PM by Canoodle
Tired of all the relatives cluttering up the backyard?

Do you feel your loved one deserves more?

Having trouble seeing that ghost you so WANT to see?

Then 'HoodName Cemetary' is for your.

This 4x4 Lot offers the visitor a simple and well ordered resting place for their dear departed. Upon the death of a friend or loved one, you simply move their headstone or urn to the local Neighborhood Cemetary.

To Place headstones in the community lot, once you have moved them from the family lot, enter the Cemetary in build mode and move as desired, save and exit then visit some night soon *muhahahahaha*

When I made this lot I haven't see a cemetary lot before nightlife so thought I would make one - I hope you all like.... Cleaned with 'Sims2Pack Clean Installer'.

* I marked this as requiring upto Nightlife, not because I think it MUST have it, but because thats what I have installed and I have no way to test it with just the base game or only uni.