CrystalVision Portable TV

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2005 at 4:25 PM
Updated: 26th Oct 2008 at 3:48 AM - Update
Welcome Lords and Ladies, Knights and Knaves, to the new world of CrystalVision. No longer will those of Medieval tastes be stuck relying on 'out-of-place' entertainment centres.

CrystalVision presents: "Calidan's Magical Sphere"
Compact and designed to rest on any tabletop or bench surface, CrystalVision offers 360 degree visability of your favourite realm programming.

Model Info:
Faces: 3012 (highish for the size)
Vertices: 1821

Clone remodel of 'moderate tv'
Listed under 'Electronics->misc'

Package Includes:
CrystalVision.package (place into Downloads dir)

This model is CEP enabled and should work for all EP's as this new item uses its own GID, however feel free to post any feedback or problems (as this is my first object creation).

EDIT: Decided to add a lower res version for those with older systems. This version has only 2256 faces and 1436 vertices (only a small improvement). I also like the 'active' light on this new model.

EDIT: The original object can not be deleted in the normal way once placed in the game - this is a problem I am currently working on correcting, but at this stage the only way you can delete it is to use the moveobjects cheat and delete the table it it resting on. This will also delete the CrystalVision object.

UPDATE: Have added a 'fixed' version. All this fix does is allow the tv to be placed on the ground. From the ground you can delete/sell it like normal.

New Package Contents:


All my Objects use unique GUID's