Wood UserInterface(UI): TS2, UNI, NL, *OFB & Pets*

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2007 at 1:47 PM
Updated: 26th Feb 2007 at 8:42 AM - Added OFB and Pets
Thats right folks, WoodUI for OFB and Pets **IS NOW HERE**


It seems some people are confused about how to use these files...
1. YOU MUST HAVE TS2_WoodUI FILE regardless of which EPs you have.
2. For EACH EP you have, add the appropriate WoodUI File
3. If you do NOT have an EP, dont add that WoodUI file
(eg. no UNI then do NOT add the UNI_WoodUI)


Greetings one and all.

Are you getting tired of that plain, boring blue UserInterface in your game? Ever wondered if there was something better?

'Calidan Interface Designs'(tm) brings you the all new Wood Textured Interface for The Sims 2(tm), University, Nightlife, Open for Business AND Pets.

Featuring a total of over *750+* tweaked, modified and recreated image files these packages, once added to your Downloads directory, will convert that rather boring blue interface into the warm, pleasant to the eye interface shown below.

Impact on Gameplay - Easy **NONE**, aside from being cool to look at

Known Problems - Well, none that I have found.

Will this damage my game? - NO, they are only images, no GUID's, Hacks or other damaging content.

How do I Uninstall/change back Simply delete or remove the packages from your Downloads directory.

I recommend using EACH of the attached files so that you have total UI conversion - TS2_WoodUI is REQUIRED along with each file for each EP you have installed.
Special Thanks go to Caz100. Once I found your initial research into the UI I started experimenting myself Resulting in this. Thanks for the inspiration...

This will NOT override or damage any game content

NOTE FOR CREATORS (and Others) - IF you also 'reskin' the UI, note that you can only use 1 reskin at a time as the image GROUP and INSTANCE numbers must be the same as those found in these packages. Feel free to rip these packages apart and use the images found within as reference if you wish to have a go at re-texturing the UI.

(Pixelation in the collage images is caused by JPG compression - NOT the image quality of this UI reskin)